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Timescope A Virtural Time Machine



Imagine traveling to a historic location like Paris and seeing it as it was at different points in time or how it may look 20 years from now. I’m not talking about the H. G. Wells Time Machine, but rather the next best thing. Timescope has developed technology for tourists. Using VR in a 360° viewing space, Timescopes are installed at strategic locations at various points of interest. Just look into the viewfinder and you are transported back decades or centuries from the real-time and location you are actually standing in. 

Time Travel

This adds a whole new dimension to travel. You can see historical locations not only as they are, but as they once were. You can also jump 20 years forward to see how they will be moving forward. This is done by recreating the exact location the visitor is standing in. Timescopes are public, self-service, virtual reality kiosks. They provide a completely immersive experience with realistic animated 3-dimensional renderings of the surrounding area.  A realistic 360° view at different points in time. See how your surroundings have changed over time as if you were in the H. G. Wells Time Machine, minus the obligatory tilts and sparks of science fiction.

A once or twice in a lifetime trip to France turns into an immersive journey through history.  This goes a long way to enhance the travel experience. Timescope makes the connection between the spacial relationships and scale of the surrounding area. The headset is fully adjustable to one’s height.

See At CES 2018

The founders of this company and technology are Adrien Sadaka, Co-Founder, and CEO and Basile Segalen, Co-Founder and COO. If you will be attending CES 2018 in Las Vegas between January 9th and 12th, be sure to drop by Eureka Park – Booth #50617 in the France Pavilion and check Timescope out for yourself.

About 15 Timescope experiences have been launched in various French locations (Bastille, Galeries Lafayette, Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport). The company plans to deploy 100 Timescopes by the end of 2018 worldwide.

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