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Timeline, News With a Twist


Timeline, News With a Twist

Thinking about getting a free news App for your Iphone or Ipad? Well, then you have probably a very long list of Apps to choose from. And while some of these apps may perform beyond your wildest expectation, keeping you updated, bringing you the news seamlessly night and day in a way you may not have experienced before, many of them may not.

One such app that feeds you with complete, correct information, news and events as they occur is Timeline. While you may think this App is just another news app; well, it really is a news and information app with a twist. And it is the twist that makes a very big difference, read on!

Created, by “a global family of seasoned journalists, editors, writers, researchers, academics, techies, designers and entrepreneurs”, the timeline app gives you more than just the news; it is a news app that provides current events with historical context. What I mean is that this awesome app, though can be downloaded freely from the iTunes store, gives the complete information, making sure you know where and how the story started and where it has gotten. This Award-winning app gives you the opportunity of scrolling to the very beginning of a story and then takes you through the story, bringing you new events and occurrences that relates to the story as they occurred with correct dates, up to the latest news in the story. So, you don’t just read the story as it is today, you can go down memory lane, on the same page, and see where it all started even if you missed it previously.

Just as stated on their website “Every day, our award-winning editorial team creates original, meaningful and media-rich timelines that connect past to present in an intuitive and immersive experience. We are evolving the way we consume news, providing historical context that deepens our knowledge of the forces that shape the present.” Timeline turns every news into an event in history by connecting every bit of related information together giving you a much deeper and of course, better understanding of all that you read.

Twice featured by Apple as the “#1 Best New App, Timeline is one of the best (if not the best) news app you can get on the iTunes store. Just download a copy for yourself and experience the best news app yet on your Iphones and Ipads. You can also read a little bit more about its functions here https://timeline.com/about and here https://timeline.com/faq

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