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TikTok Popularity: It’s Not Just About Good Content

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Whether you use TikTok for self-expression, brand promotion, or wish to learn how to become a content creator or any other purpose, you are likely to be interested in ways to become more famous and recognizable on this platform. Undoubtedly, the most significant thing you need to do in this regard is to make interesting and unique content. However, there are much more points to cover. Read this article to learn which other steps are to be taken by anyone willing to get more TikTok likes, followers, and views.

1. Think of your account in terms of a checklist

It may be helpful to view your account and the content you create through the prism of the set of criteria to meet. Highlight the main attributes that you will pay attention to and make sure that they meet your set requirements. In the most general form, these attributes can be reduced to the following list:

  • content
  • editing
  • camera quality
  • appearance
  • communication
  • setting

Ensure that all of them are at the highest level you can provide. This set of criteria constitute the standard of quality you are to follow in your TikTok activities.

2. Take risks and be ready to fail

Let’s face the truth: you can always play it safe, but it will never make you the best. The most famous TikTokers have always challenged the set agenda. To become popular, you have to do the same. Do not follow well-trodden roads, but try to create something new and unique. It is a risky strategy, as the audience can often misunderstand new formats. It’s OK. Don’t give up. Be prepared that your experiments will fail until you find the most successful format that will bring you fame and recognition. Think of it as a trial and error method. Without it, you will never get a chance to become the best. So do not hesitate to take risks and do not be afraid to fail.

3. Don’t expect to be liked by everyone

All people are unique. They have entirely different tastes and preferences. So, you have to remember one fundamental thing: if someone doesn’t like your video, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. Such content may simply not suit the taste of that person. Misunderstandings and criticism can hurt, especially those who have not yet gained full confidence in their abilities. However, you have to be ready. Think of those who don’t like your videos as people who aren’t part of your target audience. And don’t take the fact that they exist as a sign that you’re doing something wrong. At the same time, don’t forget that criticism is constructive, and you can get a lot of useful information from those who edit your content. Listen to them. But don’t let the negative emotions from criticism make you give up.

4. Provide a kickstart for your profile

You can be interesting, creative, and talented, but these traits will not help you if your profile is not noticed. To change this situation, you could make a strategic move and get free real likes for TikTok from a reliable platform. This step will improve your statistics and increase your chances of getting to the “Popular” tab that all TikTok newcomers dream of. Even as little as 1000 free TikTok likes can be a factor that will separate success from failure in the future.

5. Take care of your appearance but don’t perceive it as a crucial element of success

TikTok is often seen as a platform where attractive people have the most success. To some extent, this statement is true. If you look at the popular creators, you will find that most of them are good looking. Get yourself in order; try not to look untidy. Create your own visual style. You don’t have to look like a model, but at least make sure that your appearance evokes positive emotions in people. In fact, it is not as difficult as it seems. Every time you shoot a video, remember that if you’re lucky, thousands or more people will be able to watch it. Look as if you are planning to go and meet the audience that you should make a good impression on.

6. Avoid controversies

This is an obvious rule that should not even be discussed. However, given the number of controversies that occur in the digital space every day, it is better to be safe and emphasize: do not try to be controversial deliberately. Of course, no one is safe from accidental scandals. However, it is best to do everything to avoid them. One controversy can ruin any media person’s reputation, whether it’s a famous actor or a TikTocker with an average audience. Do you think that you really need it?

7. Collaborate with other creators

TikTok presents users with significant opportunities to collaborate with each other. They can shoot videos together, create duets, promote each other, or otherwise join forces to create new quality content. You can identify creators whose content is similar to yours and offer them collaboration. It will be best if your subscriber pools are close in size. Creators with huge audiences are unlikely to agree to work with small accounts because it will not bring them any benefits. However, when two TikTokers with similar audiences collaborate, each has a chance to expand the circle of followers. Therefore, do not hesitate to collaborate.

8. Be a generally likable person

One thing about likable people is that, well, audiences like them. Even if you get all possible free likes on TikTok, you will not become an influencer if the audience does not get to like you. Try to show the best in yourself. Be sincere, kind, and altruistic. Avoid selfishness and arrogance. Show empathy. Be able to take a joke about yourself. Don’t insult people. Be delicate and polite. Avoid drama for drama. Accept the opinions of others and be able to explain yours with respect and dignity. In general, be the person you would like everyone around you to be. 

8. Work hard

While this is an obvious rule, many people are unable to understand it. Working hard means investing resources and efforts in achieving the goal. Success does not happen instantly. Do everything at the highest level, be ready for failure, and not give up if it happens to you. Improve yourself. Be serious about what you do. Follow these rules, and you will have a chance to succeed.

Final words

These were the essential rules for becoming a popular TikToker. Of course, they do not provide a universal recipe for success. Think of them as guidelines that will steer you in the right direction and let you know what you need to do on this complicated path. Follow them, take them seriously, and you will be able to achieve your goal of becoming famous on TikTok.

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