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Throwing a Roar-some Dinosaur-Themed Party For Your Kid

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

Throwing a party for your kid and their friends can be a lot of fun. With the right ideas and plans, you’ll be able to throw a party for everyone to enjoy. One option for a party is a dinosaur-themed event. From Barney the dinosaur to Yoshi from Mario Brothers, there are all sorts of dinosaurs that fascinate kids. Below, we explore how you can throw a dinosaur-themed party.  


To begin with, you’ll need some dinosaur-themed decorations to get everyone in the spirit. A dinosaur party pack might include shaped balloons, paper plates and hats, wall art, and a cake. Just search through all the options and try and remember to save some space for the gifts and the birthday child’s birthday cards as well as the goodie bags.


The cake is an important part of your kid’s party. It needs to be something that looks exciting, while also being big enough for everyone to enjoy a slice! You can either look around local cake shops for a dinosaur-themed cake, or you could ask them to make a bespoke cake for the special day. And if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you could even try making your own dinosaur-themed cake if you’re confident with baking. 

Fancy dress

Another option to make your kid’s party memorable is to encourage everyone to turn up in a fancy dress. There are plenty of different dinosaur fancy dress options out there: you can go for an inflatable dinosaur costume, or you could go for a felt zip-up costume. Alternatively, you can for costumes that create the illusion that your kid is riding on the back of a dinosaur. Ultimately, the more creative you are the better!

Other activities

Finally, it’s important to plan some dinosaur-themed activities to keep everyone entertained. One option is to have a little face paint stand, where the kids can enjoy dinosaur-themed face paint. Alternatively, you could set up a scavenger hunt, where the kids are rewarded for finding fossils and clues inside your garden. Another dinosaur-themed game is a twist on an old classic – you can play pin the tail on the dinosaur and whoever gets closest can win a prize. Or you can bake some cookies and encourage all your guests to decorate them with a dinosaur theme. Whoever makes the best cookie wins!

Running an exciting and successful kids’ party can be tiring and difficult. However, by picking a dinosaur theme, you can set yourself up for a memorable day. Just follow the advice above and you should be all set to throw a wonderful kids’ party complete with dinosaurs and all sorts of different games.

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