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Third Party Lab Testing: The Essentials

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Are you getting into the cannabis products business? It is important to know that cannabis is a very sensitive niche that requires a lot of effort and, more importantly, being smart. One of the smart things that you need to do in the industry is to subject the products you sell to third-party laboratory testing. In this post, we will look at the main essentials of third-party laboratory testing.

What is Third Party Lab Testing?

Third-party lab testing is an evaluation method done on cannabis products to help determine their contents. It takes the term “third party” because it is done by independent laboratories, which are not affiliated with any party in the cannabis supply chain.

This independence is crucial in ensuring that the results are not biased.

3rd Party Lab Testing and FDA Regulations

For most traders in the cannabis industry, one of the big questions is, “Are manufacturers not the ones who are supposed to do the laboratory testing?”

Although this is supposed to be the scenario, a closer check into the market reveals a completely different picture. Some of the cannabis products on the market have misleading labels, meaning that the product’s contents are different from what is advertised.

FDA requires that all products, including CBD, hitting the market must be good for consumption. This implies that they should not have harmful components such as bio-contaminants, heavy metals, and organic solvents.

In addition to FDA requirements, the Farm Bill Amendments of 2018 further require that all cannabis products should contain no more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). To be sure of meeting these requirements, you should use 3rd party lab testing.

Why You Should Take CBD Lab Testing

When you subject your cannabis products for further testing in a third-party laboratory, you will enjoy the following benefits.

  • Testing allows you to identify the best products.

As FDA has noted and reported many times, some CBD products have information that is misleading. For example some manufacturers indicate that their products have a high content of CBD while the actual level is indeed lower or none. This is wrong because your customers will not get the anticipated therapeutic effects.

  • You can easily identify trusted CBD manufacturers.

If you are a trader, the CBD products you stock depend on the manufacturer you select. To know the manufacturer and suppliers who are committed to quality, you should subject their products to independent testing by third-party laboratories. If you notice that a specific manufacturer is supplying poor quality hemp products, it means he cannot be trusted.

  • The sure way to avoid getting into conflict with the law.

Although the law does not make it mandatory to subject your products to third-party lab testing, stocking poor quality and harmful products is illegal. Therefore, the independent tests help you identify the best products, allowing you to avoid conflict with the law.

Whether you are new on the cannabis industry or have been there for some time, it is paramount that you only sell high-quality products. The only way to be sure of picking high-quality products, note the best suppliers, and stay ahead of competitors is subjecting the product samples to independent testing in third-party laboratories.

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