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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Third-Party Keyboard Apps

Third-Party Keyboard Apps

Third-party keyboard apps have been getting a lot more attention recently and it’s no wonder, considering the popularity of personalization apps. Now, if you’re feeling a bit confused as to what keyboard apps are and what they do, rest assured, you are not alone. From cute and sparkly keyboard themes to essential productivity features, some of these apps are far more than meets the eye. But is this something you’d need for your Android device? We’re here to give you just 3 reasons for which you should give one a try.

Personalization is the name of the game

Keyboard apps usually include several themes you can apply to make your keyboard look completely different. Whether you’re looking for a slick and simple design or something that represents your personality, there’s no shortage of options you can choose from.

With a keyboard app, you can change everything from your keyboard theme to the font and even the sounds it makes as you type. Some third-party keyboards even allow you to create your own unique design, by uploading an image you love and customizing the design to suit your style.

Faster typing

Aside from customizing the way it looks, you can also change the layout of your keyboard, from the classic QUERTY, to AZERTY, QUERTZ, Dvorak, or Colemak. Going one step above, you can skip tapping and go straight to swiping, or Gesture Typing. These two features, coupled with better autocorrect and text prediction, make typing not only faster but easier to boot!

Give your productivity a boost

It’s hard to imagine how a keyboard app, seemingly designed to make your keyboard look more fun, could possibly help your productivity. But hear us out. One of the most interesting features you didn’t think you’d find on this list, is the Google Drive integration. Through it, you can send or attach files from your Drive to texts and emails directly from your keyboard, without the need to install and access another app.

To make things even more interesting, there’s also a Google Translate integration to look out for. You can translate to and from any language as you type or read a text, thus making your life even easier.

There are many more reasons to give a third-party keyboard a try, but we hope we covered the essential. From custom themes to productivity tools, the world is your oyster with the right keyboard app.

Article Written by Oana Molnar
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