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Things You Should Know About Water Ionizer

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Water ionizers are not as popular as water purifiers. They are only used by a few people who know their importance. There are essential things you should know about water ionizers, and you’ll learn that by reading water ionizer reviews and by reading down the lines of this article.

Firstly, What Is Water Ionizer?

It is an appliance used for purifying water and increases the level of water pH. What does it mean to increase the level of water pH? It implies the acidity of the water will be reduced while its alkalinity will reduce. A water ionizer can do this using electrolysis, which involves using electricity to separate acidic and alkaline components.

What is PH Level?

pH level is the measure of acidity or alkalinity of a compound. It is measured between a range of 1 and 14. The lower the pH of a compound, the higher its acidity, and the higher the pH, the higher the alkalinity and vice versa. pH 7 is termed a neutral pH. Thus, if your water has a pH below 7, it is acidic; if its pH is above 7, it is alkaline. However, there’s a normal pH your tap water should maintain, and that is the neutral pH – pH 7. Nevertheless, some factors can determine if your water is acidic, alkaline, or neutral, and among such factors as the source of the water, location, and level of pollution. If you have a water ionizer, it’ll help you regulate the pH and ensure it is safe for consumption.

Why Do You Need Water Ionizer?

A water ionizer will help to ionize your water to make it more alkaline and safer for consumption. If your water is alkaline ionized, it’ll contain liquid antioxidants. Such water will quickly absorb into your body compared to normal water. For this reason, there are some benefits associated with using a water ionizer. Some of these benefits include:

Alkaline ionized water helps to boost the overall immunity of your body by assisting the body’s immune system in neutralizing harmful body acids.

They help to neutralize acids in the bloodstream and stomach.

Drinking alkaline ionized water can help to deactivate pepsin — an enzyme that causes acid reflux.

It contains calcium and magnesium, which help to keep stronger, healthy bones.

It is believed that alkaline water has more hydrating properties. Hence, they provide the body with liquid antioxidants. These liquid antioxidants have smaller molecules; therefore, they get easily absorbed into the body and boost re-hydration. This is especially useful for athletes.

Drinking ionized water regularly can help to slow down aging. The logic behind this is that the antioxidants present in alkaline ionized water can prevent cell damage.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Water Ionizer

Remember to Watch for Leaks – Whenever you’re using an additional device in your home that uses water, there is a chance for water to leak. Before purchasing, make sure you’re willing to take a moment every month or so to check for leaks so that you’ll never need a restoration company to clean up from possible resulting damage. Now that you know the importance of alkaline ionized water, you may want to purchase a water ionizer. If that is the case, there are certain essential factors you first need to consider before you set out for the purchase. They include:


Ensure that the water ionizer is working correctly before you pay for it. Test it and confirm that it can effectively separate the alkaline and acidic streams.


Prices of water ionizers vary depending on the brand, quality, and type. Thus, before you purchase a water ionizer, you should first consider your budget.


Ensure that the water ionizer comes with a warranty. This will ensure the protection and durability of your machine. It is safer to purchase a water ionizer brand that provides a more extended warranty.


It is essential to check the durability of your machine. This will determine how long and how well it will serve you.


You must consider the number and type of plate the machine you want to purchase have before paying. There are different types of water ionizer plates, namely: solid plates, mesh plates, and solid mesh hybrid. Solid plates are the oldest play you will find in the market. They are known for their extra strength and longevity. Thus, if you need a water ionizer that will stand the test of time, you should go for one with a solid plate. Mesh plate, on the other hand, is excellent in conducting electricity. However, they don’t last long like their solid plate counterpart. The solid mesh hybrid combines the features of both solid and mesh plates. They are known for having excellent electrolysis and durability.

These are some of the essential things you should know about water ionizers.

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