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Things to Know While Driving in France

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Driving in France

You always need to be extremely careful and cautious whenever you’re driving in a foreign country. If you plan a holiday abroad and you know that you will be driving a car, it’s best to do some research first to realize how the rules may be different there than in your country.

Whether you’re in your own car or you’re hiring one, France is definitely a place worth exploring, but make sure you will feel safe and confident on the road. Here’s a handful of useful information to bear in mind:

  1. You pay for a motorway when you leave it. When you enter, you only take a ticket.
  2. Around every 20km on a motorway, you have special stops called aires. They are very often situated in nice places, they have picnic areas and some of them have a full-service station service. You can find an Aires Guide online to be able to plan your trip.
  3. Check the list and map for villages étapes that you may find on your planned route. These are placed next to the motorways, most often old, little towns that offer all necessary services and always something interesting to explore: a historic market, a castle or a unique museum.
  4. Make sure your car is fully equipped. You need to have reflective jackets (French police often stop cars to check it) that you put on as soon as you step out of the car in case of an emergency; you will also need a warning triangle, spare bulbs and all the right documents for you and your car.

Luckily, France is relatively safe when it comes to the situation on the roads. To know more about road safety in Europe, see the infographic below:

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