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Things to Consider When Choosing a Ball Valve Manufacturer for Your Business

Ball Valves

With so many various forms of valves on the market today, it can be extremely hard to choose which valve is the most ideal for your business.

Keep in mind that the right valve can make or break your processes. Fortunately, there is one type of valve that a lot of industries use for their applications. This is the ball valve.

However, your options do not end there. After you choose the ball valve as your main valve, another thing to consider is the manufacturer of the ball valve.

Whether you’re in the market for a ball valve to protect your compressors and blowers or to install a safety valve for your system, choosing the right manufacturer is one of the most crucial decisions you’ve got to make.

If you establish a relationship with a reliable ball valve manufacturer, you can guarantee that you always get the right products at the correct price.

As a business, there are things to consider when choosing a ball valve manufacturer. This includes:

How Quick Are Lead Times?

If you are planning to work with a reseller, you should expect longer lead times. This will greatly vary on where the products are coming from.

Oftentimes, you’ll have to wait for the supplier for the new shipments. Because of this, it might take a couple of days before you can get your new ball valves.

On the other hand, working directly with fully welded ball valve manufacturers will be a lot faster. If you’re ordering regular ball valves, you should expect to receive the products within 24 hours.

Does The Manufacturer Include Support?

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Responsiveness before and after you place the order is extremely vital. Before you buy ball valves, a sales representative might take your calls and reply to your emails immediately.

So, what happens after that? A couple of suppliers outsource their support. However, this is not the case with manufacturers. Manufacturers often provide factory-direct support.

When choosing the right manufacturer that you want to work with, think about how they may handle product questions or order problems.

Will the manufacturer direct you to a local representative or customer service? Will you have access to the engineers or are you only allowed to talk to sales?

Where Do They Get the Materials From?

For those who don’t know, ball valve manufacturing has a domestic root. It originates in Worcester, Massachusetts. Before, production was 100% domestic.

However, there are only a couple of manufacturers remaining today. So, why is this vital? The reason for this is that resellers might source ball valves and actuators from various manufacturers throughout the world.

Because suppliers do not handle production and are usually dealing with several companies, there’s always a possibility of functionality problems or design inconsistencies.

If you’re working with a supplier, you’ve got to ensure the actuators and valves are sourced from the same manufacturer. This will help guarantee compatibility.

Also, it’s best to ask the supplier to sign a Business Relationship Agreement that requires them to offer notice of manufacturing processes or design changes.

How Established is the Manufacturer?


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The number of years a company has been around is a direct connection to their quality of services and products. It is also an excellent sign that they will be around for a long period to keep on supporting your products and your business.

The best way to know if the manufacturer is established is by learning DIY research skills. All you’ve got to do is to open your favorite browser.

After that, visit the website of the company. Then, check their Company History or About Us pages.

Dedication to Safety

One of the main problems surrounding ball valves installations is safety. Aside from that, regulations frequently change.

For those who don’t know, after a report showing a systemic lack of oversight on gas pipelines, the National Transportation Safety Board issued more than 25 new safety regulations. Also, it’s best to pick a ball valve manufacturer that has shown a consistent commitment to safety.

Actuator Services and Sales

Actuators and valves work hand in hand. For a manufacturer that can help you choose the ideal products for your applications from start to finish, pick a company that knows the relationship between actuators and valves.

Make sure that the ball valve manufacturer offers services for both forms of products.

Ball Valve Repair Services

Repair Ball Valve

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Even if you maintain your ball valves regularly, they will still need repairs at some point. Thus, you should search for a ball valve manufacturer that can fix a huge variety of ball valves.

It’s also best to hire a manufacturer that is a member of the Valve Repair Council. If you use your ball valve for pressure relief devices, make sure the manufacturer is certified by the National Board for repair services.

These certifications ensure that your ball valve will be fixed to its original specifications. Aside from industry certifications, search for a manufacturer whose technicians have completed training.

Valve Preventative Maintenance Services

Routine preventative maintenance is the key to getting excellent performance out of your ball valves and other valve products.

Keep in mind that recommendations for preventative maintenance differ. Thus, search for a ball valve manufacturer that knows your maintenance needs.

Also, it’s best to work with a manufacturer that can conduct maintenance tasks with as little disruption to your operations. Also, it’s best if they use a hand sanitizer each time they visit your business to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness.


Choosing the right valve for your business is one thing. Choosing the right ball valve manufacturer for your needs is another.

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Oftentimes, it can be difficult to pick the right manufacturer since there are tons of options out there. Fortunately, you can easily narrow down your choices if you simply follow the tips that we mentioned above.

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