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TheWiSpy Review: Top Spy App for Android Monitoring

WiSpy App For Android

If you’re looking for the perfect mobile spy application, then there are many aspects you’ll need to think about. WiSpy is among the most well-known cell phone spy applications available due to its unique features.

Keep in mind that cell phone spy apps are typically used to track employees, children, or perhaps spouses. Therefore, whatever you plan to make use of your phone spy app, it is vital to research and locate one that has all the features you require.

TheWiSpy introduction 

TheWiSpy spy app for android is mobile phone surveillance software that allows you to monitor both offline and online activities that are taking place on the device you want to spy on. The hidden spy apps for Android work using the stealth setting, which means it can continuously observe a device and not alert the owner.

The application offers various features, including text and call tracking, social media spy, surround recording, and geofencing. It is currently utilized by millions of users, including parents, employers, and partners, with utmost satisfaction.  

TheWiSpy best qualities 

  • No rooting required

The majority of mobile spy apps require rooting the device to get access to advanced features. With TheWiSpy, however, it is all you need to install the application. As a result, it is effortless and secure to monitor your phone since all you have to install is the app.

If you need to root the phone, you might fail because there is a good chance of getting caught at it to get the phone root. Also, if the person who owns the phone you wish to track isn’t keen on this idea, you will require a lot of explanation. So, it’s better to use TWS instead of going through everything. 

  • TWS is undetectable

The best method to track the android phone is to ensure that the owner doesn’t find out about it. For instance, if you’re monitoring your child, you’ll prefer to keep the android spy app hidden because you don’t want them to think that your attention is always focused on their phone. 

With TheWiSpy, you can easily hide the app’s icon once it is installed, and your child won’t even know it’s there. The whole work of the application is done secretly. Easy to use interface:

  • High-quality results

No matter how much money you spend on a spy app, unless it won’t give quality results, it’s all worthless. TheWiSpy is considered the top spy app because it offers 100% quality spying results. 

It doesn’t matter how difficult the tracking task is; the app will get you accurate results within minimum time. It is upgrading with time, and that has resulted in improving the quality of the application. 

  • Affordable pricing

In this age, you can’t possibly afford expensive hidden spy apps for android. As you’re supporting your family with your hard-earned money, we understand how important it’s for you to keep a balance. But you can’t ignore the security of your children; therefore, we offer you affordable pricing that’ll fulfill your spying needs 100%. You can get the spyware for $19.99 only to start tracking. 

TheWiSpy top monitoring features

It is impossible to skip the features of TheWiSpy spy app for android while reviewing it. And that’s because it holds the quality higher in the spy app market. Moreover, because of incredible TWS features, you can get any information any time you want. 

Call monitoring

A widely popular feature of TheWiSpy is call monitoring. For instance, if you’re looking to track who your children are talking to on the phone, then the android spyware can assist you.

This tool will allow you to look up the names and telephone numbers of people that your child has spoken to. You’ll have the ability to view inbound, outgoing, or missed calls. Additionally, you’ll be able to track the duration of each call and the dates when the calls took place.

Message monitoring

You can easily access messages using the best android spying apps. When you click on ‘Messages,’ the option that will display your child is messaging. Click on a person and go through all conversations and check the time and date stamps for each. It allows you to block contacts remotely as well.

Social media monitoring

Social media offer a great opportunity for kids to gain study-related information and make new friends. However, it could cause dangers for them. The android spy app provides monitoring of social media sites to ensure that your child is safe.

Through TheWiSpy spy application, you can monitor what conversations your kid is engaging, Call History, and live feed activity on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.

Web browser history control

The browser offers a wide range of sites, including pornographic ones deemed to be age-appropriate, gambling and drugs, and weapons, etc. That is the reason TheWiSpy offers browser history control.

You can see your child’s searches, their URLs that they’ve opened, as well as check out a website opened often. You can view other detail simultaneously. You can block any website you want remotely using this feature.

Multimedia files spying

Sometimes, teens and children send or receive media that is inappropriate for them. If you’d like to keep on top of the kind of media they save, then use TWS’s multimedia feature. Monitoring the media stored on your child’s phone is easy. It will show all multimedia files that are saved on the phone. You could even download the content onto your device.

Location spying

TheWiSpy tracker lets you know the present position of your child’s location using their mobile’s GPS. There’s a map that will show the exact location of your child. You’ll also be able to see pins that represent the most recent activities of your child. TWS shows the history of the visited areas at any time. You can trust TWS in an emergency because it requires minimum time to bring backtracked results. 


Alongside its GPS tracker, TWS android spyware also offers geofence features. It lets you define a geographic boundary in the app’s map. In addition, it allows you to create zones with restricted access. If a limit is violated, then the app notifies you via sending an alert. It’s the best way to ensure your kids don’t go to dangerous sites, and if they do, you get informed immediately.

Microphone surround recording

Your kid might be hanging out with dangerous people or being bullied in school that you don’t know about. It will cost you a lifetime of mental health issues for your kids if you don’t offer them your help. But for that, you must know the issue beforehand. 

TheWiSpy hidden spy apps for android can help you through this feature. The app will record the surrounding conversation of the phone that you can hear later on the dashboard. You’ll be able to get sound-quality recordings using the microphone of the target device.

Camera spy

It is possible that one day your child is in danger, and you can’t reach them instantly. But you can ensure their security through the camera spy feature. Let me tell you how to do that; when you subscribe to the TWS plan, you get the camera spy feature on the dashboard. 

Use it to click pictures through the target phone of the real-time events. You will be able to view what’s happening around your kid, and you can save these pictures as evidence for the future. 


TheWiSpy’s Keylogger feature allows you to see the entire text input on any target device remotely and discreetly. TheWiSpy tracks keystrokes as the whole History of your device. It will also alert you to keywords when phrases or words are typed that can jeopardize the security of your children or contribute to a breach of sensitive information of your company.


No matter how good android spyware is, it’s worthless when it’s not compatible with your devices. That’s why compatibility is an essential factor when buying spying software. In this regard, TheWiSpy does not displease. It is fully compatible with Android devices; however, you need to ensure that the OS is above 4.0.


TheWiSpy offers three affordable plans for spying containing different pricing and features. 

Basic plan

The basic plan has standard features such as location spying, call tracking, message monitoring, and more. If you want to spy on your kids’ daily digital activities, then it’s best suited for you. You can get it in three-time ranges according to your convenience.  We’ve described the exact pricing of these plans for your ease. 

  • One-month package
  • $19.99 only
  • Three-month package
  • $29.99 only
  • Six-month package
  • $49.99 only

Premium plan

The premium plan contains remote spying features such as surround recording, geofencing, camera spy, and more. In addition, you’ll have remote functions that will allow you to control the target phone information through the dashboard. It’ll let you ensure your kid’s security from a distance. You can avail the premium plan in three periods. 

  • One-month package
  • $29.99 only
  • Three-month package
  • $49.99 only
  • Six-month package
  • $79.99 only

Platinum plan

TheWiSpy has introduced a platinum plan recently that includes updated features. Technology has advanced a lot in past years, making it difficult to spy on kids’ phones. That’s why TWS offers this package that includes features like social media tracking, web browser history control, and more. In addition, this package is available in three-time frames. 

  • One-month package
  • $49.99 only
  • Three-month package
  • $79.99 only
  • Six-month package
  • $119.99 only


When selecting an app for tracking your mobile phone, you must ensure that you receive precisely what you’re seeking. If you’re looking for spyware that can provide you with trustworthy service, then you should get TheWiSpy. It is also essential to know that, as much as there are many fantastic tracking applications available but there is no match for TheWiSpy spy app for android. 

TheWiSpy can be, without a doubt, an excellent software for monitoring phones that offer services as parental control software and employee monitoring app. It provides a wide variety of monitoring tools, including the GPS tracker, geofencing, and social networks monitor, etc. TWS is a reliable app that you can trust to spy on any android phone. Click Here.

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