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TheOneSpy Review: Monitoring Software for Android Phone



A feature-rich spy software application has been designed by an Australian-based company allowing monitoring kids, employees and significant others. There are more than 250 features through which you can keep an eye on the activities performed by your target monitoring its smartphone. The location and information available on the phone are automatically updated to a control panel that can be accessed logging onto the customized user login with an internet connection. This application is compatible with Android, iOS, and Blackberry mobile phones and tablets, and there are monthly, quarterly and yearly subscription packages depending on the operating system of your device.

Given is a review of the product featuring the app detail and highlighting positive and negative points of it.

What is this app about?

This application is specially designed for parents to protect their children from cyber-bullying, sexting, and online sex crimes by monitoring their online and offline activities. This program is also beneficial for employers as it can help scrutinize the employees with an aim to eliminate unnecessary processes and boost productivity for the growth and development of the organization. Furthermore, this application succors you to catch your cheating husband or wife red handed by listening to their calls and reading their conversations. 

Core features of the app

From spying on calls and messages to tracking locations and social media activities, this spyware enables you to monitor and operate a device from a device. The main features of the spy application are listed below.

Spy on calls and messages

This software enables the user to read text messages sent and received by the target and get the contact information of the person who is the sender or receiver of those messages. This is not just restricted to the text messages, but the MMS, BBM chat and iMessages can also be followed with the help of this spy software.

The Spy on calls feature allows the user to listen to all incoming and outgoing live calls, record and even intercept these calls. The information regarding the name and number of the person who has made the call or to whom the call is made can also be traced. The recorded calls are stored in the user control panel accessible anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.

Operate camera and microphone of the target device distantly

Interestingly, the user can remotely operate the camera and microphone of the spied device to take photos and record the surrounding sounds and voices. The spyvidcam feature lets you operate both front and rear camera of the targeted device to record short videos extending from 15 seconds to 1 minute.

Monitor Social media happenings

Social media has become an integral part of our lives where we spend most of our time and reveal much of ourselves there. Monitoring a person’s social media account will let you have a closer insight of what is going on in that person’s life. Pragmatically, this application allows the user to track insanely popular instant messaging and social media apps including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, Line, Kik, Tinder, Snapchat and Instagram. The entire conversation made through these applications and the characters added to or removed from the friend circle are easy to access.

The conversation made through the Snapchat, a photo sharing application that claims to support self-destructive messages, can also be traced with the help of screenshots. As the target starts using the app, the device takes screenshots of the screen with an interval of 3 seconds. These screenshots are stored on the user control panel and are accessible whenever needed. 

Get Internet browsing history

What your child searches for on the internet and what are the websites where it spends most of its time? This is somewhat parents need to be aware of. This cell phone spyware let you monitor the internet activities of your target having a record of the browsing history. You can get the detail of frequency and time of visiting a certain site.

Grab multimedia files stored on target device

This program makes it possible for the user to discover photos, videos, voice recordings, and music files stored on the hard drive of the targeted device. Whether captured from their own device, downloaded from the internet or received through MMS or email, all the multimedia files can be accessed with this software.

Track GPS location

You can know the exact location of the target using the GPS location tracker installed in the monitored cell phone. As well as the current location, the user is updated about all the places the target has traveled to within a certain period of time. You can make restricted or unsafe areas to be notified when the target enters into prohibited zone.

Operating cell phone from a distance

What is undoubtedly great about this application is that the user can operate and control the device without having physical contact. You can start or pause any application installed on the phone; block, unblock or uninstall the applications; lock or unlock the phone. To ensure the safety of the mobile phone user, you can block internet connection and texting during driving.

Keystroke Logging

This application allows you to log into your target’s email address with the help of email keystrokes, passwords, Messenger and SMS keystrokes.

Keystroke logging and spying on someone is a crime but only when it is against someone’s consent. This monitoring application allows you to monitor someone only after taking informed consent from that person.   

Positive Features of the App

  • As well as recording live incoming and outgoing calls, it allows interception.
  • It allows blocking apps, internet, texting, and calls from unknown sources.
  • This application works fine on all the networks and operating systems including iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

Negative Features of the App

  • Some features of this spyware work only a rooted or jailbroken device.
  • This software is not compatible with the latest iOS 9 and iOS 10.


There are various mobile phone monitoring applications in the market but we have found TheOneSpy one of the most secure and reliable. The successful installation of this spy software allows you to break into the target device and monitor the events with complete secrecy.

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