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The Top 10 SEO Trends for 2020 You Should Know!!

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the hottest ways in Digital Marketing implemented by every other brand for enhancing their presence online. However, SEO is not a one-time action; rather it is an evolving tactic which changes every other day.

Here we have outlined for you the latest SEO trends that will be impactful in 2020!

1. Much More Voice-Search!

Around 71% of people aged 18-29 in the US make use of mobile assistants for all of their queries. This means that a majority of the population is relying much more on voice-search rather than manual searches.

2. Progressive Web Apps for User Engagement!

Apps that can run on browsers tend to engage users as they provide the experience of standalone application. These apps are beneficial if they are installable on browsers as well as they can load in poor network conditions while still feeling immersive.

3. Video Marketing for Views!

Video marketing is gaining popularity as people tend to find them much more interactive than simple text. This is why YouTube is considered as the second-largest search engine, and banks around 1.5 million views in a month. SEO through YouTube is now increasingly gaining traction!

4. Mobile Responsive Is In!

Around 87% of internet users are now browsing on their smartphones in 2019. This only means that your website needs to mobile-responsive with an efficient load time that does not drive your user away.

5. Content is the King

Quality content serves as the backbone of SEO. Irrelevant and low-quality content will eventually damage your site’s rankings. Therefore, good content strategies that help in answering the queries of your target audience while keeping them engaged are your ticket to a good ranking.

6. Writing for People over Bots

Writing site content only for the search engine robots does not work anymore. Content should be written keeping both humans and the bots in mind. Relevant and engaging content helps increase ‘dwell-time’, which is the time a user spends on a site, which eventually helps in the ranking too.

7. Site Traffic over Site Ranking

Achieving the top spot on Google or any search engine will be futile if there is no relevant or ‘buying traffic’ on the site. Instead, SEO professionals should be focusing more on increasing CTR (Click-Through-Rate) via compelling Meta titles and Meta descriptions.

8. Amazon-SEO for the Go!

Amazon is where around 66% of buyers make their purchase. Optimizing your content in line with Amazon’s algorithm will definitely boost your site’s ranking.

9. Eye-Catching Designs

User Interface and website designs are very important for streamlined User Experience, which falls under On-Page SEO. Therefore, ensuring that your website is eye-catching and attractive is something you just cannot miss!

10. Need for Speed

On average, a good website speed equals a maximum of 3-seconds loading time. More than 3 seconds means the user is lost. Hence, test your website before putting it live and test the overall speeds always!

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