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The Top 10 Educational Blogs and Websites to Follow in 2020 

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When it comes to studying, tricks and tips to create good habits and reliable recommendations are the educational cores you should watch-out! Simply, for one reason: To make study and school life more manageable! Not only that, but it is now a must to learn and understand so we can ease a little pain and stress. 

In this post, we gathered top educational blogs and websites that you can put your trust in when it comes to quality and real-world school life hacks. So you can smash and rule your school things – either school projects or entrance examinations.

If you are on the lookout for that kind of help on the internet, then this is probably for you. 

Read on to find out! 

1. Study Prep Lounge


Your One-Stop Exam References! 

To help its readers to succeed and do whatever they can to ensure that will happen — that is the mission of The latest posts they published that we love are titled ‘‘Magoosh GRE Reviews | One Way to Crack The Graduate Record Examination’’ and ‘‘7 Best MCAT Prep Books Reviews 2020 | Top Study & Practice Guidelines’’. These are just some of their reliable blogs you must check out! 

2. Inside Higher Ed


Your Money Matters – Check this out to avoid the same painful finances! 

Inside Higher Ed published their new blog talking about the financial handling of students. The title is ‘‘Inconsistent Information on Indirect Expenses’’. It covers different stories of students who are having some challenges when it comes to their finances. Read this to avoid the same stress. 

3. Edutopia


K-12 Transformation-focused 

Edutopia’s latest post about ‘‘6 Tips for Mentoring New Teachers During Distance Learning’’ is our top 3! They focused on transforming K-12 education. This aims to let students obtain and effectively practice the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to thrive in their fields.

 4. MindShift


Timely Education News for Parents 

Mindshift’s motto is ‘‘Inform, inspire, and involve’’. They have television, radio, digital media, and educational services to help their clients be more. A timely blog post has been released by MindShift titled ‘‘What Parents Can Learn From Child Care Centers That Stayed Open During COVID19 Lockdowns’’. If you are a parent, this is something you should care about. 

5. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning


For Effective Teaching, Here’s For You 

Educators Technology designed to make educators effectively deliver their presentations to people and students. If you’re wondering what’s the most updated way and strategy on how to present, their new blog post titled ‘‘Some Helpful Ideas to Effectively Integrate Technology in Your Instruction’’, will help you to do so. Read so you will know. 

6. We Are Teachers | Educators Blog


Unpopular Things How To Drive Teachers Crazy – So You Can Avoid It! 

The We Are The Teachers just published their new blog post title ‘’42 Little Things That Drive Teachers Crazy’’ is a must-read nowadays. This is to reduce the stress of our educators. If you want to help our teachers, then this is definitely for you.  

7. Trending in education


Audio-Radio Style Education Updates is Here – If you want that, this is for you! 

They are trending in education known for its focus on sensing and discovering where the world of learning will go. They also make audio-radio style posts. Their newly published audio-radio style post titled ‘‘Proactive Care for Adult Learners with Elise Awwad’’. Hear it for yourself, and you’ll learn something from other people via interview set-up. 

8. The Chronicle of Higher Education


Quality Education Advices in One Site! 

The Chronicle of Higher Education has many facets of reliable educational posts about education – news, trends, technology, and advice! That’s right – advice. You can check their website, and you’ll see a bunch of articles on their Advice Section. One of what we super like is their newly published advice titled ‘‘5 Ways to Connect With Online Students’’—covering the Why and How-To. This is perfect for personal connection knowing that you are talking with real people.

9. Learners Edge | The Chalk Blog


For Teachers, Students, Kids, and Parents – This is a very insightful page! 

The Learners Edge was founded by teachers and passionately committed to providing other educators tools, coursework, and materials to help them achieve their mission in their classroom and career. The Chalk Blog is one of their sections where they share their helpful things. The latest helpful post they publish titled ‘‘Teaching and Learning with Podcasts: Our 4 Favorites’’. They cover things like stories to remember when you were little kid, teacher shares with other teachers, audio-radio style posts, and more! 

10. The Hechinger Report


Reliable Educational News You Must Follow! 

The Hechinger Report is a nonprofit newsroom. They focus on one topic – Education. Their newest published post titled ‘‘Broken system: Child care subsidies ensure low-quality, limit access’’ speaks volumes. If you want reliable news and trends, follow them.

Education is a must. And because of technology, information is now super easy to access. Yes – that’s an advantage. In searching for trust-worthy blogs and websites, we presented to you the Top 10 Educational Blogs and Websites we believe everyone responsible; Teachers, Students, or Parents should follow.

If you found this very helpful, we would love to hear it in the comment box.

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