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The Three Big Ways iOS App Development Will Change In The Next Five Years

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Apple has been the pioneer company in embracing any new change in technology. Needless to say, a huge number of apps are available on Apple’s App Store.

To maintain a place in the market it is necessary to stand out in the market and abide by some new skills.

In the Apple App Store, approximately 2,100,000 apps are currently available. This huge number of apps has increased the chance to experiment and embed new technologies in-app.

In the next five years, some remarkable improvements in the App Store can be observed. Hire ios app developers to experience the use of new technologies in applications.

Here are the three big ways iOS app development will change in the next five years:

1. Introduction of Artificial Intelligence

In this era, Artificial Intelligence has become widespread in the market. Apple is the first company to introduce Siri, an outcome of Artificial Intelligence.

Digital personal assistants such as OK Google, Alexa, and Siri are some of the best examples of Artificial Intelligence.

According to EarthWeb, 375 million iOS devices use Siri every month, globally. People are leaning more toward AI for making their lives easy.

We can expect, in the near future, that Artificial Intelligence will be the technology that is used in most apps.

From typing messages to making calls and reading emails, AI has a great ability to understand the workflow.

You can expect deeper integration of iOS with AI in the next five years with new visual tricks as well.

The main purpose of AI is to record instructions and work according to them. Artificial Intelligence combined with machine learning will be the most powerful technique used in Apple app development in the next five years.

If you want to use new technologies in your iPhone apps you can Hire iPhone app developers Dublin. A lot of areas are left to explore and understand when it comes to the use of Artificial Intelligence.

So, be ready to see more use of AI in iOS apps in the coming five years and enjoy advanced features.

2. Acquaintance With Augmented Reality

AR is one of the most advanced technologies being used in the market. It is significant for many works. One of the widely-used examples of Augmented Reality is Pokémon Go. But AR has much more significance than just catching those creatures.

Augmented Reality helps to integrate the real world into the virtual world. Mobile app development companies are still getting acquainted with the use of Augmented Reality. This new technology has a huge scope in the near future.

Another best example of AR is Lenskart. This particular company has made it possible with the help of developers to allow its users to try frames virtually and then finalize their purchase.

Similarly, it has a huge scope in any e-commerce app, where Augmented Reality will allow users to virtually try a product.

In the next five years, Apple is going to bring many more smart apps with the help of this technology. Apple has introduced great frameworks such as ARkit and RealityKit to bring amazing innovative ideas to life in Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality, integrated with iOS applications, has brought with it a huge scope of innovation in the app industry. Tools like Reality Composer and Reality Converter are a few powerful ones that provide users with rich experience.

3. Application of Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is another big technology with huge applications in making an innovative app. Apple has always been using new technology to provide its users with a super-rich experience with its facilities.

It is appealing to witness the way mobile app development companies are understanding the potential of these advanced technologies in applications.

One of the best uses of IoT is its efficiency in communicating with the products. With the help of IoT, in the next five years, Apple is going to introduce many useful applications that will make work easier and increase the management capacity of users.

The introduction of the Swift 3.0 iOS programming language has opened up huge scope for app developers. With its easy programming, this can be a game-changer for Apple application developers in the next five years.

These capabilities will significantly increase the introduction of remarkable applications. It is estimated that by 2025 more than 75 billion IoT devices will be connected to the web worldwide. Every second, 127 new IoT devices are connected to the web.

The integration of Apple apps with IoT is one of the best technologies these days. You can hire ios developers to launch new technologies and features in your iOS application.

Not only does it make work easier but it has also introduced many business opportunities. It is mainly used to connect Apple devices with home appliances such as air conditioners, lights, doors, etc.

The way they communicate with each other is appealing. It is the power of technology that allows us to control and command physical things just from the web.

This integration is quickly taking place in the market with its many uses. It still has a lot of scope to improve with the help of iOS features, ideas, and programming. Apple has developed HomeKit- a highly secure IoT ecosystem.

The Takeaway

Technology has managed to provide a huge scope in the field of Apple app development. In the next five years, you can expect a revolution in iOS app development.

Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and the Internet of Things will be the backbone of this revolution.

App developers need to have deep insights into the understanding of these advanced technologies.

Hire iPhone developers to implement new advanced technologies in your application. A better understanding is a must for the best application.

Many other technologies can be seen in iOS applications such as Blockchain, cloud services, and cross-platform functionality.

Be ready to experience amazing features that will be introduced by ios App developers in the next five years. It is all on iOS App developers to give the vision proper execution and implementation.


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