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The Secret To Smart Shopping

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You probably don’t give much regard to stuff like woven clothing labels when you are shopping for new additions to your wardrobe. I used to be like that too. All I ever did then was start the car and head to my favorite shopping space (I won’t mention where they didn’t pay me for promotion).

If care is not taken, shopping for clothes can become very compulsive, and before you know it your wallet is empty while your wardrobe is full of clothes you will probably never wear.   For example, men’s silk pajamas, you can get it online with so many options. No doubt you will love the collection. Moreover, you can give it to someone as a gift as well or wear it with comfort.

So here is a list of hacks to help you save money and get the best clothes (regardless of your budget) while shopping.

Set a budget

You are more likely to overspend when you shop without a budget. If you do not have the exact prices for what you intend to buy, set a cap limit for your spendings. Having a budget helps you in prioritizing what you need against what you want. It is not smart nor ideal to shop for an item just because it caught your fancy unless you have a limitless budget.

Ideal jeans length

This is one big problem many face while shopping, both genders are not left out. Here is what to do if you are a guy, choose a jean that is long enough to cover the socks but not long enough to cover your footwear, for the ladies;

A trusted source has this to say and I will quote her verbatim

“For women, the choice depends on the type of jeans. With ankle pants, the hem should be positioned just above or right on your ankle bone; skinny jeans should offer a clean, ankle-length look; straight jeans should cover the top of your feet.”

Young woman posing in blue jeansPhoto by James Kern on Unsplash

  • Don’t always shop for the big brands: If you are shopping for a plain tee shirt or underwear, don’t kill your budget by buying designer clothing, because the truth is, whether you wear a designer or an unknown brand, nobody will know.
  • Avoid trends. Heck? Who remembered when ™ Lewin ruled the fashion world for men, well can you still rock your ™ to a function now? Apparently no! So avoid following trends in fashion, it doesn’t take long before it is replaced by another trend and the cycle goes on and on.
  • Don’t trust the size on the label, there are instances where I bought a shirt size XXL and I got an M when I checked at home. Every brand house now has its own sizing procedure so the size printed on a shirt might mean a different size entirely.
  • While many believe and find it more fun to shop in the company of friends. I think it is better to shop alone, did you say it makes shopping less fun? I don’t think so.

While you may disagree, it is possible you feel a sense of competition while shopping with friends and in the process end up overspending.

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