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The Prerequisite for a PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification—PRINCE2 Foundation

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You can expand your career and future possibilities with a simple certification of PRINCE2® Foundation & PRINCE2® Practitioner. The methodology is used worldwide which has well laid down templates, methodologies, and processes that help you to execute all sorts of projects. The certification gives you an extra edge over others and increases your chances of recognition by 20 %.

The points underneath will make you understand the value of PRINCE 2 Foundation and Certification.

1. It helps you in building and improving your Project Management Skills

The foundation helps you in improving your management skills in terms of methodology, terminology, framework, common systems and procedures which will increase your value and efficiency. The practitioner of PRINCE 2 is much more skilled, versatile and learned as compared to other project managers.  It teaches you the skills required to successfully plan, initiate, monitor, manage, and execute projects.

2. PRINCE2 is more methodology than an instruction manual!

PRINCE2 pays more attention to its principles and teaches you how to manage the tasks effectively whereas other project management strategies pay more attention to following a rigid set of rules.

It offers a step by step explanation of all the processes and stages in a project and also explains the responsibilities associated with each stage.

3. It offers you an easy start!

The certification is significantly easy and almost requires no time commitment from the learner. The unique advantage associated with this course is that you can kick start by giving the exam without putting yourself into a large amount of training and expenses.

4. You get your certificate more sooner as compared to other exams!

When you apply for the PMP exam you involve yourself in a vicious circle of formalities. But when it comes to PRINCE 2, once you complete your training you can simply go for the exam and later on receive your certificates.

All the certifications are quick and can be easily completed. The training ranges from 20-50 hours for the entry-level PRINCE2® Foundation level and two or three days for the PRINCE2® Practitioner and Professional levels.

You can study the first level online according to your schedule and if you want to get qualified faster then several combos offer you with different classifications altogether.

5. PRINCE2 makes the project management professionals earn big!

If it comes to the big money-making business then the PRINCE2 certified project managers can easily earn a handsome salary of over GBP50,000. This profession is also one of the most prized professions in Europe.

6. The certification is recognized globally!

The certification you receive is globally recognized. PRINCE2 is the de facto Project Management standard in many parts of the world which was initially developed by the UK government. Its popularity has been increasing constantly and it is being used by the governments, the public sector, and private sector companies.

AXELOS Ltd. is the authorized body that owns the rights to the PRINCE2 certification. In the year 2009 a white paper called ” Using PRINCE2™ to Manage US Federal Government IT Projects ” was issued by the body to support the increasing demand in US organizations. The certification gives you the advantage to take on project work globally.

7. PRINCE2’s Project Management fits better with most of the Organizations!

The responsibilities are divided among the employees at every stage unlike other Project Management certifications the project manager in PRINCE2 is not the only hero.  So the shared roles and responsibilities enable and ensure the successful completion of the project.

8. With PRINCE2, there are no limitations only advantages!

The most important advantage that PRINCE2 offers is that you are not limited to a specific industry or company. It has its applications worldwide in different types of industries or organizations.

9. Proof Of Certification can be easily accessed by all!

Now you don’t need to carry your proof of certification everywhere as it can be easily checked or accessed online. The name of every PRINCE2 certification holder is entered in the official PRINCE2 Successful Candidate Register from the certification body APMG International. The register can be accessed online by anyone who confirms the date of your exam completion. You can look for it by your name or candidate number.

“If an employer or potential employer wants to check your PRINCE2 qualification, just provide him with your candidate number and the link”

10. PRINCE2 Certification offers you with the advantage of achieving other certifications easily and on a much cheaper rate

If you want to study other certifications related to project management then PRINCE2 offers you the advantage of qualifying for exemptions as it is an independent certification for project management.

Why Should You Get Certified?

PRINCE2 Foundation, prince2 certification, project management, prince2, Project Management Skills

PRINCE2 increases your job prospects it is the project management method that is being implemented worldwide by the organizations. PRINCE2® has become the industry standard. It is one of the best project management strategies used globally by organizations. So if you want to build your career in this, the signal is always green here.

  • It helps you in improving your problem-solving opportunities and also increases your efficiency as an employee. It further adds to your strengths and achievements.
  • PRINCE2 provides a link between the framework and the project makes you work step by step in achieving your goal. With the division of responsibilities the burden of task completion gets shared and increases the productivity of an individual’s work.
  • PRINCE2 enables you for self-assessment, you learn how to manage risks and problems in an organization. This also makes you more responsible and accountable in any kind of situation.
  • It increases your credibility. Every organization needs a reliable person and your certification speaks out alone for you. The certification has worldwide applicability and acceptance.
  • There is no gender division along with a good amount of salary for the project managers. The applicability of the job stands worldwide which further add to your job and career prospects.
  • It makes you more employable. It is one of the most required qualifications that the companies demand from their employees. You also become eligible for promotion within an organization as after the completion of the PRINCE2® Foundation qualification you can start applying for Project Administrator and PMO Coordinator positions.

“Almost 700 people take the PRINCE2 Certification exam every week, adding to the tens of thousands of professionals who have already passed it.” The statistics speak extensively about the popularity of this certification.  In fact, there is a need for more certified practitioners. PRINCE2 Certification introduces you to a new world, a new language and new processes that helps you in achieving the successful completion of your project.

Author Bio: Melody F Stern is an entrepreneur and chief Editor of Business Usa Today. She helps small business owners to grow their online businesses worldwide. Follow her on Twitter.

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