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The Power of Naming: Creating a Channel Name

YouTube Channel

Have you decided to change your life in a cool way? Created a YouTube channel and don’t know what to call it? Have already thought up that you will make reviews of the best bookmakers and start with 20 Bet India, but you can’t think of a name for yourself? Yes, coming up with a suitable and memorable name is not easy. Check out our tips for creating a unique channel name.

The title is what users see first. And what prompts them to continue (or not) exploring the channel.

The Perfect Name – What Is It?

There are no strict rules, of course. But there are a few must-have characteristics for a YouTube channel name. It should be:

  • Representative: to explain to your visitors what the channel is about.
  • Unique: for the name to stay in memory, it must be original.
  • Memorable: Then your channel can be found just by typing the name into a search engine.
  • Non-copyright infringing: Obviously, you should never borrow someone else’s name.

How to Come up With a Name?

You should start with a simple: write down on a piece of paper all the names that spontaneously come to mind. And then with fresh eyes evaluate all variants and choose the most successful.

What Can You Use as a Channel Name?

If you’re planning to promote your business on YouTube, then the best solution is to use your brand name for your channel name, especially if it sounds easy and beautiful. The more often your brand is featured online, the more people will know about it.

Another way is to call your channel by your first name, first name + last name, nickname, or a pseudonym. Such a name is great for making vlogs or reviews where the focus is on you, your life, and your interests.

Another option is a name that reflects the subject

This is the best technique if you’re planning to promote your business, not yourself. For this, think carefully and focus on the subject of the channel, categories of content, and based on this you can already think about the name.

Name with a key phrase

You can kill two birds with one stone – to think up an apt name and at the same time to make friends with search engines, sewing in his keywords on their subjects.

Compound name

Combine the previous options. This way you can promote your name and immediately announce what the channel is about.

And now for a few tips on how to come up with a cool name for your channel:

Make the Name Short

Take a look at the names from the list of the most popular channels. What do they have in common? They’re short. That’s because such names are easy to remember and find. A good option is to name your YouTube channel in one word.

Put the Purpose of the Channel Into the Name

More often than not, people watch YouTube to learn something new or just to be entertained. Based on your goals, you can make educational or motivational videos, reviews, entertaining videos and, accordingly, pick a suitable name that reveals the essence of the channel.

Use Rhyme, Wordplay, Humor

It’s quite a hassle, but a great way to come up with a really unique name for your YouTube channel. The main thing is to turn your imagination to the max. An unusual word combination, a bright pun, a witty wordplay will help to attract the attention of the audience.

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