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The Next Tech Unicorn Will be a Medical Company

World Health Service

The next big unicorn company will specialize in reinventing medical care for the 21st century. One promising venture is doing just that. A unicorn company is investor lingo which is code for a business that is expected to reach a billion dollars in revenue. It’s like finding Apple or Google and investing in them at the beginning. Hence, they’re rare like a unicorn. 

The World Health Service is an American company in Silicon Valley that has created a medical smartphone and medical devices ecosystem. Their WHS all-in-one wearable smart device includes medical diagnostic tools that upload your data to the online WHS platform. Other medical devices that work with the WHS system further expand on this functionality. 

This company is going to become a unicorn company in the near future. That’s because according to a study done by Brand Essence Research, the worldwide demand for telehealth services in terms of revenue was worth USD 1.6 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 3 billion in 2025. This company has even broader goals and its features encompass more than the market outlined above, so this is a very conservative estimate. 

WHS’ patented artificial intelligence processes your data. It looks at your vitals and general information. From there, it compares that data with other similar patients and finds the best possible outcomes. Finally, it gives treatment protocols to your doctor that are more statistically likely to work. This helps your doctor to make a better decision when forming a treatment plan for you. 

The World Health Service is the first fully integrated online remote healthcare ecosystem. It combines mobile diagnostic equipment, AI, and healthcare providers from around the world into one comprehensive system. It allows patients to choose doctors, clinics, and hospitals in over a hundred countries that will give them tailor-made remote health services. 

We think that their unique platform is the best medical investment that you can make right now. You can find out more and invest in WHS by clicking here:

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