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The New Feedly Newsreader

Feedly Newsreader

Feedly newsreader

Feedly newsreader allows you to organize news from different publications and blogs in a single place.  A new version of Feedly was recently released for iOS on October 22nd. It resolves some crashing issues, but it also takes advantage of enhancements in iOS 9 and Safari.

The first thing I noticed about Feedly is speed.  All I can say is, “it’s fast”.  Swipe up to move from publication to publication. I’m finding it to be very helpful and quick when researching niche content or topics.

Here’s a break down of what’s new in Feedly.

Feedly has integrated nicely with Safari in iOS 9. Now when you open websites in Feedly you can take advantage of the full power of Safari. Click Done and you’re back in Feedly, Click the little compass and you’re on the web in Safari outside of Feedly.

The new and elegant San Francisco font has been added.  Most agree that the San Francisco font is more readable at small sizes and beautiful when used for headlines. Feedly has transitioned fonts from Helvetica to San Francisco. There is also an option to use San Francisco as the default article font.

Those who have experienced rapid battery drain will be happy to hear that there is now no more background activity.

There are some quick screen actions supported now so if you are running iPhone 6s, you can force touch the Feedly app icon and quickly jump to your today, your must reads, saved storied, or the explore section.

There were crashes in the previous version so the developers rewrote how web pages are loaded in Feedly and optimize what happens when you swipe from one story to another.

The Android version will have similar changes and should be available in the next two weeks.

I enjoy using this app—it’s fast, elegant and it does what I need it to do. Deliver the news I’m interested in. The new version of Feedly is available now for download in the App Store. Check it out.

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