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The Latest Trends in Tablet Technology

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Whether you’re a committed tablet user or just beginning to consider making the switch from desktop to something more portable, you might be wondering what to look for when buying a new device. Here are four of the latest trends in tablet technology that can help you make an educated choice about your purchase.


Because one of the key reasons to get a tablet is so that you can use it virtually anytime and anywhere, it’s important to get one that can stand up to extreme conditions. The best of today’s devices are built to be durable and are practically immune to the ravages of weather, dirt, and shock. A well-designed rugged tablet will deliver top-quality technology that can withstand the elements, whether you’re doing a search-and-rescue on a snowy peak or vegging out on a tropical beach, all while being lightweight and easy to stow and carry. Advancements in sturdiness and soundness make today’s rugged devices well worth investigating so you can be sure your investment will hold up for years to come.

Screen Size

As tablet technology has advanced, the device dimensions have both increased and decreased. In some models, screen sizes have shrunk without negatively impacting resolution, making for a sleeker, lighter option for toting around town. If easy-breezy is your style, then a small, lightweight model that is easy to toss in your purse or backpack may be the right choice.

Conversely, technology has also made it possible to maximize tablet screen size while still incorporating a chassis that is light enough to be practical. If you’ll be using your device for productivity or graphics-heavy tasks like gaming, a bigger screen might be your preference. To decide on the best size, consider what your primary usage will be, then rest assured that there’s a top-quality option out there whether you go larger or smaller in screen size.

Storage Space

If much of what you plan to do on your tablet is internet- or cloud-based, then the amount of storage that’s actually on your device may not be of critical importance. Even with a tablet equipped with a moderate amount of storage you’ll be able to use social media and email, access some basic apps, or store some pictures and videos.

However, if you plan to download a lot of content or save things like gaming backups, you’ll want to go for one of today’s tablets that offer at least 64GB of storage. You may also want to find one that has a slot for an expandable microSD card for added storage space. Removable storage can prolong the length of time you keep your tablet since it will be able to grow with your needs.

Hardware Options

Although much of the joy of tablet ownership comes in being untethered to additional devices, there may come a time when you’ll want to connect another gadget or two. If add-ons are of importance to you, you’ll want to confirm that your tablet is equipped with Bluetooth at a minimum, and you may also require a USB or HDMI port depending on what you want to connect.

Today’s technology advances provide you with a seemingly endless variety of hardware and accessories you can add to your tablet with proper connectivity. You can transform your tablet into a traditional PC by adding a keyboard and mouse or boost its sound output with a stereo speaker. Credit card readers, movie projectors, and microphones are all available to make your tablet more useful. You can even buy an adapter that will let you plug your guitar or keyboard into your tablet.

Because tablets are so popular, their technology always seems to be improving and advancing. Tablets have become more durable and lightweight, while also becoming more functional with better storage and hardware options. Take into consideration what you’ll be using your tablet for, and let that be your guide when choosing a device with the right tech for you.

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