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The Latest Technology Transforming The Construction Industry

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Roughly 62% of construction companies have adopted the latest emerging technology, a recent JB Knowledge construction report reveals. New innovations in technology improve the safety and efficiency of construction sites, as well as build stronger and more sustainable structures. In particular, green technology, augmented and virtual reality, and autonomous heavy equipment are new innovations transforming the industry.

 Green technology

The construction industry generates an average of 569 million tons of waste yearly. Green technology is now being used to turn waste materials into renewable ones for construction usage. Recycling and repurposing construction waste conserves natural resources and helps the environment. In particular, green concrete is created from waste materials like burnt clay and mining and glass wastes. It’s a durable and low-maintenance material, popular because it releases zero harmful emissions (including carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere. Green technology is also used to make plastic bricks — a great solution to the problem of plastic disposal and waste. Made from plastic waste and cement, plastic bricks are stronger and lighter than regular bricks, as well as having superior noise and heat insulation abilities.

Augmented and virtual reality

An average of two construction workers die of work-related injuries in the United States every day. Fortunately, worker safety in the industry is improving with the help of virtual reality (VR). Used for a long time in other industries, VR is now used to train construction workers in masonry and welding work, as well as operating excavators and cranes. Similarly, augmented reality (AR) can be used to improve industry safety and reduce injury rates. For example, with AR, workers can enter a job site wearing a smart hard hat or safety goggles. A safety checklist is then displayed to make sure the worker is adhering to safety standards and using correct personal protective equipment.

 Autonomous heavy equipment

Autonomous heavy equipment is currently used in the construction industry to perform jobs without the need for as many workers. Specifically, jobs involving site work, excavation, and grading can be completed remotely, which improves ease and convenience for workers. Autonomous heavy equipment uses drones, GPS, and sensors to get around the job site and perform work according to accurate 3D models.

New construction tech continues to transform the industry. Green technology, AR and VR, and autonomous heavy equipment are just some of the latest innovations making the workplace safer, more productive, and more sustainable.

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