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The Key Reasons and Considerations for Building a B2B Marketing App

B2B Apps, Benefits of B2B Marketing Apps, Customer Relationship Management, B2B Marketing Apps, Considerations before Building B2B App

Enterprises in the B2B segment are increasingly finding mobile apps as helpful alleys in their marketing plan. While apps are normally made for the wide-open user audience, apps specifically built for other businesses are increasingly getting popular. There is a whole array of B2B companies that already have successful apps helping them to garner business and achieve business goals.

But since building a mobile app is no small feat and involves a large sum of investment, we need to consider several aspects corresponding to it. Let’s start by explaining the benefits of B2B apps.

Most Important Benefits of B2B Marketing Apps 

A mobile app can benefit your B2B marketing plan in too many ways. Let us have a look at some of the important benefits.

 Mobile is Irreplaceable in Any Marketing Plan 

Since everything went into mobile and since most business audiences tend to spend most of their times checking emails or making chat conversation or checking CRM data right on their mobile device, mobile is bound to be the indomitable center stage of any marketing initiative, and there is no exception in this regard for the B2B segment.

Since the vast majority of the business audience doesn’t feel interested in brands without a mobile presence, having a mobile app can be a crucial positive boost to marketing. Integrating mobile with the B2B marketing strategy now became absolutely crucial.

Personalized Mobile User Experience 

Smooth and frictionless user experience is very important for driving customer engagement, generating business leads, and making a business conversion. With a B2B mobile marketing strategy, enterprises can send personalized messages and promotions based on user preferences. A mobile app by keeping a close track of data on user preferences, behavior, and past activities can always help in personalizing marketing communication.

Easier Customer Relationship Management

 A customer relationship management (CRM) system in every enterprise process helps in keeping records and managing customer accounts and various complicated projects. Now the modern CRM systems by embracing mobile apps can easily mitigate the differences among various customer service teams and offer faster solutions to issues.

Mobile Power of Micro-Interactions 

 While we use mobile apps, we engage in a plethora of subtle and delicate on-screen interactions. These interactions creatively used by mobile marketers through animation, interactive visual storytelling, and other means can engage their business audience even more. Mobile apps offer B2B marketers the power of micro-interactions.

Key Considerations before Building your B2B App

Since a B2B app needs to be highly professional and relevant for your business audience, you need to measure your development steps and all decisions corresponding to such a project. Here below, we explain some of the key considerations for a B2B marketing app.

How does Your App help it’s the Target Audience?

Every app is a solution to one or a number of problems. Your B2B app cannot be otherwise. So you need to ask whether the app is really helpful or useful for your target business audience. Make sure you offer them enough reasons to download the app.

Can It Help with the Buying Decision of the User? 

Apart from helping your audience in a real-life business context, does the app also help your own business to garner sales and make the business conversion? After all, building and maintaining a mobile app, you have a solid expenditure, and so, it should perform like a business outlet and garner steady sales. 

Does it help in Maintaining Customer Relationships? 

One of the major reasons for many enterprises to opt for a B2B app is to maintain a solid and sustainable customer relationship with the business prospects, stakeholders, and customers. The app must allow them to gain faster exposure to business information and help them to stay constantly in touch.  

How much Building will a B2B App Cost? 

The principal and final consideration is the cost of development and how much resources you can utilize for building the app. As for ensuring the right resource investment for B2B sales and marketing, three crucial areas are development, deployment, and app maintenance or updating. In complete contrast to popular belief, the app design is quite expensive. When it comes to the sales apps, the design cost typically ranges between $50,000 to $150,000.

After this, you need to consider the required resources for app deployment. You just cannot build a mobile app without considering its device support requirements and technical capabilities. When building B2B apps, in particular, you need to consider that the app works across all smartphone platforms, tablets, and PC operating systems.

 Now, you need to consider the resource requirements for app maintenance. Though many developer firms actually offer free maintenance and support for the clients, in reality, such free of cost support is far from satisfactory and comprehensive to fulfill the B2B needs. The maintenance cost of a B2B app actually tends to be higher than the maintenance cost for regular B2C apps. Often this maintenance cost can be more than the cost of design and development of an app. According to experts, an enterprise app in a span of 2 years or less at least needs four updates to stay tuned to the emerging customer solutions.


Mobile apps are already key to B2B marketing plans across industries. Irrespective of the cost considerations, in the years, to come to every new business and startup of the B2B segment is going to embrace mobile apps as part of their marketing strategy.

Author Bio: Juned Ghanchi, co-founder and CMO at, offer mobile app development services in every industry for startups & enterprises. Juned is responsible for developing and implementing a new marketing strategy that builds company brand awareness and generates leads.

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B2B Apps, Benefits of B2B Marketing Apps, Customer Relationship Management, B2B Marketing Apps, Considerations before Building B2B App

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