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The Future of Wearable Technology


Wearable Technology

The Wearable USA Technology Show will be held on December 1st and 2nd at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA.  We are planning to attend this event and report what we find on the future of wearable technology.  This will be an exciting segment, and our focus will be on identifying which wearable products are Apple-friendly. We will also be looking at their features and benefits and report what we find back to you.  Following are some of the companies and products we’ll be looking at.

Atlas Wearables

An Austin-based data analytics company and the developer of the most scientifically advanced fitness monitor designed to improve indoor and outdoor training. In 2014, Atlas launched the Motion Genome Project as the foundation of an even larger effort to turn data into applied knowledge. Through the Motion Genome Project, Atlas classifies and analyzes millions of routine movements as the basis of future product releases. With a better understanding of movement patterns, Atlas aspires to influence human behavior in ways that improve quality of life through fitness intelligence and smarter living.


Blumio is the world’s first cuffless blood pressure monitor that goes where you go. By packaging a revolutionary vital sensor into a smartphone case, you can now measure and track your blood pressure and pulse anytime, anywhere.

Details Pal

R2P Pet’s team of pet lovers connects people with their pets through innovative, fresh and stimulating products. Committed to designing products with a purpose, with each design tailored to enhance the lifestyles of both pets and their families.


GENA is an open source development platform for wearable devices. It has dual CPUs (MT 6260 and nRF51822) and LED display, lower power consumption, directly connects to IOS, supports BLE and more.

eHat system

The eHat system is a brand new way of quickly and efficiently transferring knowledge to anyone working in an external industrial site. The eHat system revolves around a video/audio streaming hard hat which is connected via a smartphone. The user of the eHat can make conference calls to the company’s own experts or trainers.


Lumafit is an interactive fitness coach designed to get you fit.The core of the experience goes way beyond step counting. It mirrors interaction you would have with a real personal trainer. Starting with a fitness assessment, the Lumafit takes you step by step through a Bootcamp series of workouts, which can also be combined with their Gym Cardio workout and tracking.


Lumenus, based in Los Angeles, is creating the next generation of wearable, washable technology that is made to save lives. The beautifully designed tech-laced apparel and accessories collection for runners, cyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians, features embedded LED lights that connect with a first-of-its-kind Lumenus mobile app to deliver optimum lighting and maximize visibility all through an innovative design.


A brain sensing headband that serves as your personal meditation assistant. Muse  provides you with real-time feedback during guided training sessions. While you meditate, the headband uses brain sensing technology to measure whether your mind is calm or active, and translates those signals into guiding sounds. After your session, review your data, set goals and build a deeply rewarding meditation practice that gets better every time.

Sensoria Inc

Sensoria Inc. is a leading developer of IoE (Internet of Everyone) wearable solutions that improve people’s lives. Their proprietary e-textile sensor platform enables Sensoria powered garments to deliver actionable information to health and fitness users in real-time.

Sentio Solutions

Feel is the first wristband that measures and tracks your emotions throughout the day

Titanium Falcon

Talon is a smart ring which uses motion or gestures to play games or control Apps on smart devices such as phones, tablets, smart TVs, VR headsets, smartwatches, smart IoT devices.


Violet is a personalized wearable device that helps minimize sun damage & track sun-generated Vitamin D.


Vuzix is a leading supplier of video eyewear products in the consumer, commercial and entertainment markets. The company’s personal display devices offer users a portable high-quality viewing experience of virtual and augmented reality. Vuzix holds over 48 patents and patents pending, as well as numerous IP licenses in the video eyewear field. The company has won 13 Consumer Electronics Show Innovations Awards and several wireless technology innovation awards, among others.

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