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The Difference is in the Details – Gaming Mouse Vs Regular

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When looking for the right mouse for your computer, you may think that either a regular or gaming mouse will be enough to get everything done. Most people do not understand the difference between gaming mice and normal ones. However, real gamers recognize that the benefits of a gaming mouse cannot be disputed in gaming. Although gaming mice are usually expensive, they are far better as they come with cool designs and customizations.

Gaming mice are designed to enhance the gaming experience. But they can also be used to accomplish other computer tasks such as browsing. Are you wondering how exactly does a gaming mouse differs from a normal mouse? If yes, you’ve landed on the right page. The difference in these mice is normally found in their features and functionality. So, here are 5 exhaustive differences between gaming mice and regular ones.


The dots per inch determine the sensitivity of a mouse. Regular mice usually operate at a resolution of 800 or 1000 dpi. Gaming mice on the other hand have an array of sensitivity levels. They can have a low, medium, or high sensitivity. The DPI of most gaming mice ranges from 100DPI to 12000DPI. When the value of DPI is higher, the mouse becomes more sensitive and accuracy is enhanced. If you have ever played games that demand quick actions such as RTS and first-person shooter, you realize that the sensitivity of a mouse matters a lot. In some cases, you may find that your regular mouse is hanging or moving slowly. This is uncommon in gaming mice since they have improved sensitivity.

The rate of response in gaming mice is usually different from that of regular mice. Gaming mice are designed with improved software making them highly responsive. The rate at which a mouse conveys information to the screen is measured in Hertz. If your mouse has a polling rate of 500 Hz, it relays its location to the computer 500 times in one second. Regular mice are known to have 125 Hz while most gaming mice have 1000Hz. Some gaming mice have an adjustable polling rate whereby you can set a decent rate of your choice. With higher Hertz, you will experience no days while playing.

Extra Buttons

A regular mouse is designed with only two clickable keys, that is right and left, and the scroll wheel.
Unlike the normal mouse, most gaming mice come with additional keys to enhance performance. These buttons range from 2 to 14 and can be packed on any side of the mouse. With these buttons, gaming becomes enjoyable as you don’t have to use the keyboard to make commands. Extra keys also make it easier for you to perform multiple tasks faster while playing. They are very important especially for gamers who like MMOs and MOBAs games.

Ergonomics and Customization

Regular mice are not concerned with comfort. The entire board is usually plastic and the weight is fixed. However, gaming mice are built with ergonomic designs and customizations. They are styled to enhance hand comfort and ease when playing. You can use them for longer periods without feeling fatigued in your hand. Gaming mice also have adjustable weights. This helps players to increase or reduce weight to match their comfort. If you are searching for a more comfortable mouse, visit to see a variety of quality mice.


Although they may seem the same, gaming mice are made with more durable materials than those in regular ones. They are designed particularly for high-level performance. This is the reason why they tend to be more expensive than normal mice. Meanwhile, there is no harm in using a gaming mouse to do regular computer work. It will increase your comfort and improve performance.

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