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The Difference Between White Hat and Black Hat SEO

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If you’ve got a website business of your own, you’d probably be aware of what SEO is and how it works, right? But if you’re someone willing to start a business website or you want to create an SEO proposal for someone’s website, then it is an assured way to enhance the quality as well as the quantity of your website. And it’s working mainly based on organic results of search engines. To understand SEO in detail, let’s divide it into 3 different parts; i.e. the quality traffic, the quantity traffic, and lastly the organic result. A good place to start is with a website SEO audit from

Here quality traffic mainly refers to having people come to your site for your business. Since the entire world is on the internet and always searching for new products, you’ve got a great chance to avail of traffic on your website. But you won’t want all that traffic if it isn’t the people who’d be interested in your business or buying your product. So, searching for the right kind of traffic for your website is the major role that SEO plays. Afterward, once you’ve got Google sending the right traffic to your website, then an increased quantity of traffic would surely help you make the most out of the business. Now the last but not surely the least role that SEO plays is to gather organic results from search engines for you. You can consider this as organic traffic for your website, one that you can achieve without having to pay for it.

Working On The SEO

Now once you’re aware of what SEO is and have practiced how it can make your business or brand website do wonders easily, you’re probably going to be interested in working on it for various clients. But for that, it’s important to understand the types of SEO as well as how you can rightly send a proposal for SEO services. Since it’s quite an important detail of any site, many consider hiring people who are more professional with their proposals. And once you’ve learned that, make sure you understand the major details of both White Hat and Black Hat SEO through the discussion below, before making use of them.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is mainly considered the right or ethical way to optimize a website. If you’re working on a website’s SEO through the white hat, then meeting the following criteria is important:

  • Following the Guidelines of Search Engine

In basic terms of defining White Hat SEO, one can consider it as following Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. These rules by Google mainly define the proper way of optimizing a site. Although, according to these rules; the only major thing to follow is not to attempt manipulative rankings.

  • Focusing on Human Audience

This includes making changes to a website that make it easier for a visitor to view it. Since one of Google’s top priorities is to provide its visitors with the best results; it’s obvious how this is the right way to optimize a site.

  • Taking a Long-term Approach

When you’re optimizing a website through the methods advised by Google, you’ll probably be giving more time and work on it to achieve final results. But other than having to wait to see the desired results, you will also be having the benefit of achieving a lasting positive impact on the site. And besides the fact that this way you can achieve great results on your website for quite some years, it also provides you a long-term approach by keeping you out of any risky situations (since you’re going to follow Google’s tactics).

  • Black Hat SEO

Since Black Hat SEO is also very much known and widely used by website owners’ one can consider it as the total opposite way of optimizing a site; in comparison to the White Hat SEO. This includes some of the following criteria:

1. Violating the Guidelines of Search Engine

Now the first obvious thing for one to consider while reading the point that this SEO is opposite to the previous one, is simply that it doesn’t go through Google’s tactics of SEO. Also, most of the cases of Black Hat SEO include following the rules or tactics that are referred to, as practices that you shouldn’t make use of; according to Google’s guidelines.

2. Manipulating Google’s Tactics

Since we mentioned how Google’s main priority is to provide the users with a friendly user interface, Black Hat SEO considers doing the opposite. This means that instead of working on the site’s user interface for visitors, black hat SEO works on manipulating Google’s algorithm to improve the rankings of the site. You can put Black Hat SEO simply as a tactic, which makes Google think that a site has more value for users (when it doesn’t), resulting in the manipulation of Google’s algorithm and receiving more visitors.

3. Focusing on “Quick Wins”

Now you might have gotten some idea of this point with the term “quick wins”, right? Yet, for a clearer understanding; Black Hat SEO considers using tactics that manipulate Google’s algorithm and improves ranking; without working much on it. Although, this tactic takes less time to be applied and some of its workings even produce good results; they don’t last for long. This happens when Google updates its algorithms; to provide searchers with the best results and prevent the sites that don’t provide a great user experience. The constant improvement in Google’s algorithm, keeps black hat SEO site’s always at risk of losing their rankings.

What’s the Difference?

You’ve probably got a clear idea of both types of SEO through the earlier discussion. So it’d be quite obvious to understand how White Hat SEO works according to Google’s guidelines and improves user experience, while Black Hat SEO considers these factors the least and simply works on gaining visitors. And that is also the major difference between both SEOs.

Now that you’ve understood how both the SEOs work and the difference between the black hat and the white hat SEO; it’s quite easier to understand what type of SEO a website offers. And as much as it is more beneficial to make use of the White Hat SEO, many consider choosing the easy way to avail visitors on their website. Yet, one needs to consider their options and choices before choosing the type of SEO they want to optimize a site through and make it reach a better quality and a greater quantity of visitors through it!

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