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The Custom Football Cards: How To Make Your Own Football Trading Cards

Football Cards

Many people enjoy trading collectible football cards with friends, but after years of collecting, you might have found your collection is starting to look the same. It’s time for a change! Trade your old cards in for customized ones that are truly unique to you. Follow these easy steps below to design your personalized trading card. You’ll have to purchase your personalized football cards online if you want to share and exchange them with your buddies. To make your football cards seem professional, incorporate crucial components that you would find on a pro’s card. We’ve put together a quick checklist of essential features on your card.

Checklist for Creating Your custom football cards

1. Signature – Include a signature line on your custom football cards. This can be either in the middle of the bottom of your card. Include not only your name but also a photo if possible. If you do include a picture, make sure it won’t hinder the look and appearance of your card.

2. Team Logo – Whether the team is known or unheralded, include their logo on the front and back of your card. You can even place an individual player’s photo over the team’s logo to create an impressive display of sportsmanship.

3. Player name – Include the player’s name on your card. However, instead of using their position or current contract, think about how you would like to be known as “the” player.

4. Team Colors – The essential part of any football card: is team colors. When putting together your cards, choose primarily dark colors to make them stand out and look beautiful on the shelf.

5. Team photo – If you have a great collection of cards, include your team’s best picture and signature in the corner of each card. Make sure you include only crucial players as well.

6. Game Statistics – Design your customizable FIFA cards with a stats box that includes the most important statistics from your last season. Place them on the bottom of your card for a unique sports look and show how great you are.

7. Team Record – List the team record or compare it to another team on your card for an improvement or decline in performance during the season.

The proper way to create new custom football cards

  • Collect or take a photo of the player you wish to put on your card.
  • Upload the image onto a website that offers Custom Fifa Card trading cards, and choose the design you like best.
  • Add a player’s name, stats, and information in the empty spaces provided on your new football card template.
  • Place your player’s name and stats on the back of the card.
  • Choose what you want to include on your back covers, such as your team record, stats, or a list of accomplishments.
  • Place the photo over the team logo to make your football card unique.
  • Order your customized trading cards online, and have them ready within a week.


The custom football cards you create will be unique to your favorite player’s career, including every critical moment during their football life. You might also consider sharing your new design with friends and family to show off how good of a designer you are. Once you get your hobby started, you’ll have a million opportunities to improve it. Creating new customized football cards will be fun, and sharing them with your friends. As time passes and the cards become more popular, you might feel like a professional trader.

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