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The Choices Are Many When Selecting Fabric For Printed T-shirts For Business Promotion

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Even when using printed T-shirts for business promotion, companies must keep in mind that the fabric must be very comfortable to wear. Visibility of messages is critical to spread it far and wide the longer the wearer adorns the T-short better it is.  Unless the fabric of printed T-shirts ensures enough comfort, people will not wear it for long, and it would defeat the purpose for business promotion. Therefore, businesses must pay attention to the material of the T-shirt as it does to the printed design and message. Cotton fabric is an excellent choice for all seasons, and most T-shirts are made from it because its price is very affordable too. Cotton is excellent for the skin; it is breathable and gives a fresh feeling. But cotton is uncomfortable because it absorbs sweat and drenches the wearer who could soon feel fatigued.

You can also try promotional scarves and custom goods for business branding. It is the perfect way to promote your brand.

Below is a list of some more suitable fabrics that make good sportswear and hence good for business promotion too.

Gore Tex

Gore Tex is a brand name that represents an exceptional quality of synthetic fabric that has a waterproof and windproof quality, which makes it very popular. Added to this is the breathable quality of the fabric, which makes it more attractive. Teflon is the active ingredient of the fabric and suited for wearing in all kinds of weather and climatic conditions.


Polyester is the first in the line of synthetic fabrics used for sportswear including T-shirts printed by The T shirt Printing Bar, and it is very popular too.  Polyester fabrics come in different forms, and the microfiber or fabric in mesh form that allows flexibility and transpiration is most popular.  Although polyester is waterproof, it absorbs body oil that can make clothes smelly due to body odor.


Lycra was the first synthetic fabric used for sportswear way back in the 50s, and it remains one of the most popular fabrics liked by athletes. The material is durable and highly stretchable that supports all kinds of body movement with ease while adding to the comfort of the wearer. Lycra can stretch up to 7 times its original size.


Many people often confuse Polypropylene with polyester, but although these are very similar materials, there are some major differences. Polypropylene dries faster because it does not absorb water. It has high insulation properties that enhance its waterproof quality.


Bamboo fabric is perhaps the only natural material used for making sportswear. The fabric is very soft, has antibacterial properties, and protects from UV light of sun rays. The fabric is very comfortable to wear, and many people even claim that it is the most sustainable material even though many would disagree.


Tencel is the brand name of a fabric made from Lenzing fibers which, according to the manufacturer, is softer than silk, more absorbent than cotton and cooler than linen. The material uses a more sustainable production process.


The fabric uses silver thread to enhance its antibacterial quality and is an excellent choice for odorless sportswear. The antibacterial quality prevents body odor and maintains a fresh feeling.

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