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The Best Ways To Utilize Artificial Intelligence In App Development

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Now that computer technology has advanced to the point where artificial intelligence can be used in the world of mobile app development, app development companies find themselves wondering how they can utilize AI to their benefit. Artificial intelligence and mobile apps are both a part of our daily lives. That’s why it only makes sense for mobile app development companies to further examine this connection.

What are some of the best ways to utilize artificial intelligence when it comes to mobile app development? There are a few different ways to get the most out of this technology. The time has come for us to have a closer look at the world of mobile app development and how it is going to be affected by the growing importance of artificial intelligence.

Natural Language Technology

For businesses that are looking to use apps for customer service purposes, natural language technology is going to take on an added level of importance. In many cases, these types of customer service apps are going to be used for making reviews and creating various reports.

At this time, it is clear to see that natural language technology is going to be needed. Natural language generation is what separates the top app development companies that are still trying to make a name for themselves. Big data management companies like Cambridge Semantics are already using the technology, to great success.

Image Recognition Technology

There is a wide range of apps that rely on image recognition technology. Mobile app development companies that are looking to stand apart would do well to include it. For example, what if a company is looking to provide image recognition technology so that they are able to accept electronic payments?

Without the proper image recognition technology, it is much more difficult for them to do so. Detecting functions and objects when digital images or videos are used it can also be challenging. That is why it is in the best interests of developers to make use of these tools so that they can cater to the companies that need them most.

Emotional Recognition

Did you know that artificial intelligence is progressing to the point where human emotions can now be recognized? Thanks to the software advancements that have taken place, we now have the ability to use advanced image processing to read the emotions that a human displays.

The technology relies on certain subtleties in order to recognize the user’s emotions. Voice intonation and speech patterns are learned so that the technology can be used to learn more about a person. Many startups are already using this tool on a consistent basis.

Speech Recognition Technology

Anyone who has spoken to Cortana or Siri in the past is well aware of this technology and its importance when it comes to creating the mobile apps that are going to move us forward. Mobile app development companies that are not learning more about how to transfer and decode human speech are risking being left behind over the long haul.

The human speech must be translated in a manner that is easy for a computer system to understand. Interactive voice control systems are the future and the present. App developers who are looking to utilize artificial intelligence when they are creating new products must bear that in mind.

Natural Language Processing and Text Processing

This technology is especially important for companies that are in the process of creating their own fraud detection systems. It is also crucial when apps are being created that pertain to security. Since security and fraud detection apps are only going to grow in popularity in the years to come, it behooves app companies to remain fully aware.

Thanks to this technology, we can also find the information that we need from search engines far more easily. It becomes easier to structure text as well. The news is also generated with text processing technology. Developers must pay close attention in the years to come.


Chatbots are one of the newest customer service innovations and they allow the client to speak with a company without having to pick up the phone. No one wants to spend a great deal of time waiting on hold to find out more about the issues that they are experiencing and this is a natural impulse.

Mobile app developers that are looking to make a name for themselves will definitely want to provide chat bots when they are creating their new products. Voice managers will also be utilized in a similar way so that the modern consumer can enjoy the proper level of assistance.


For those who may have certain questions about biometrics, it is an easy form of technology to understand. Any and all mobile app development companies are going to be able to use it. If you happen to be one of the uninitiated, it is simple. Biometrics is most commonly used in the world of marketing research and this is something that developers must be aware of.

Thanks to this technology, we are now able to measure human behavior in ways that we simply could not before. App developers that are looking to strengthen their relationship with market researchers should certainly be considering biometrics when they are in the process of creating new apps.

Machine Learning

Let’s say that the developer is looking to create an app that is going to be used in a corporate setting. While this is definitely a fertile marketplace that needs to be tapped into, the best way to go about this process is by finding out as much as possible about machine learning.

Machine learning is going to play a massive role in the years to come and has already become a force to be reckoned with. Machine learning works wonders as far as classification and forecasting are concerned. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have already begun to use machine learning technology. Now that all of the giants have gotten on board, it is only right for mobile app development companies to follow suit.

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