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The Best Tips To Place Your LED Screen Correctly

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Are you ready for another advertising campaign? Going to attract an audience through your creative and visual art? If yes, then make sure that your LED screen is correctly positioned to maximize the impact. Yes, its placement is crucial because you would want to engage as many people as possible and if it isn’t placed correctly, nothing would work as you have expected.

Here, the worth mentioning fact is that internal and external locations have different requirements for placement. The luminosity, image quality, electricity consumption, and level of resistance depend upon where they are placed. Just remember a few important elements and your LED will definitely bring out the desired results.

Placement of Outdoor LED Screens

Weather resistance, versatility, and reliability are the key elements that you have to consider while placing outdoor LED displays. There are some that offer high luminosity while others are designed to work for facades. You have to figure out whether the chosen best outdoor LED screen is suitable for your purpose or not.

Be particular about your target group i.e. place screens at areas that used to or are most likely to get maximum audience. This way, you will rest assured of getting responses as per your requirements. Ideally, do thorough research on the human traffic at different places and shortlist a few in order to be sure about getting the leads.

Last but not the least, you have to estimate the viewing distance. It will determine the screen’s size along with mentioning where you should place them on the building. Though, if you prefer to feature advertisements on the street or a specific area, then place the screens on the floor.

If you want to start a successfully led display business, Remember that the better you promote the screens, the more people will be interested to buy from you. Also, at the start, sell your screens to every customer that is interested – while also keeping the rates on the minimum.

Placement of Indoor LED Screens

Whether used for home or commercial purpose, indoor LED screens must have high resolution to keep images clear at a short distance. For the home, you will have to design the wall in such a way that the LED screen pops out within the place and works in harmony with the rest of the items. On the other hand, if you want to mount the screen for commercial purposes, then identify an appropriate place (shopping malls, shops) that have high human traffic. Once you have a place, consider a few key aspects and see how everything will turn out:

The first and foremost thing is to know which area is going to give maximum exposure to the screen. It must maximum the screen’s efficiency so that it can leave an impact on the audience. The next factor is the height that should be reasonable i.e. not too high or too low. Just identify the appropriate height at which everyone can see it easily. If you have kids at home, be sure to keep it wall mounted while for commercial needs, you can avail of either option as per your requirements.

Brightness is another important element that should be above the default level. Basically, it depends upon the lighting in the area. Just make sure that the LED screen doesn’t dazzle the audience as it might affect their viewing experience.

For commercial indoor LED displays, horizontal or vertical placement matters a lot. You can even go for freestanding LED displays because they are portable and can accommodate narrow spaces easily.

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