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The Best Reasons for Buying Villas in Dubai Hills Estate

Dubai Hills

The villas in Dubai Hills are among the most luxurious properties for sale in Dubai. This mega-development is meticulously planned by following a well-thought scheme, spanning a massive area of 11 million square feet, which includes residential units of different types. 

The pinnacle of luxury enables you to make your selection from various architectural styles. The homes are perfect for families of all sizes. Each unit is highly entertained and beautifully crafted to bring a new lifestyle. Some of the things offered to the lucky residents are:

  • 4600 villas
  • A total of 22,000 properties are for sale.
  • 2 5-star hotels. 
  • 210,000 square meters of retail stores.
  • A tennis academy.
  • 45 km of cycling tracks.
  • 143,000 square meters of a shopping mall.
  • Cycling and jogging tracks.
  • 197,000 square meters of commercial spaces. 

Not only this, the mega-development is divided into 3 zones. The first one displays the biggest density of townhouses and villas in 2 neighborhoods – Sidra Villas 3 and Maple. Maple 1 and 2 boast 1,300 townhouses. And the two phases of Sidra introduce 330 units. 

The second zone is at the front door of Al Khail Road. Some mid-rise residential blocks and 2 shopping malls are present near a long boulevard dotted by premium restaurants and retail stores. 

Lastly, the third zone envelopes the golf course with 300 extra units segmented into 2 sub-communities called Parkway Vistas and Fairways and 97 villas. More crucial information on Dubai Hills Estate is:

  • The famous golf course is managed by Troon Golf, and it’s a Par-72 18-hole championship golf course stretched across 1.2 million square meters. The nearby areas of the course are Downtown Dubai and the valleys.
  • Dubai Hills Estate was officially introduced in 2014. 

Moreover, all the lifestyle facilities are offered, such as sports courts, shopping malls, gardens, upscale hotels, and so much more so that all families can reside peacefully without a worry in the world in the family-oriented neighborhood.

This mega-development is a result of joint collaboration between two of the most renowned real estate developers in the Emirate. Dubai Hills Estate is most definitely a solid residential and investment opportunity for everyone due to the plethora of perks that prove it to be a rare development for potential buyers. 

In the following sections, we will explain the ten reasons why Dubai Hills Estate is a superior residential option, a stellar choice, and a worthy chance for you.

1. Address

The address is the first aspect that attracts the attention of a buyer while selecting a new property. It is very important to choose an address that keeps you near the places you frequently visit, which will save your time in commuting.

And with that saved time, you can do something else that you love. The modern villas for sale in Dubai Hills Estate are situated in the Southwest area of Mohammed Bin Rashid City, which is a new region opening many possibilities for the residents.

2. Excellent Amenities

The superior villas in Dubai Hills Estate are given some amazing class. Each and everything is provided at the fingertips. For instance, parks, swimming pools, a championship golf course, green areas, and a lot more.

3. A Superb Community

In order to call any community ideal, it is supposed to provide a space to relax, unwind, and be a part of nature. And this is exactly what you will be given, along with all the lifestyle amenities. You can consider Dubai Hills Estate a piece of landscaped nature dotted with serene and peaceful villas.

4. A Safe Establishment

The villas for sale in Dubai Hills Estate enjoy an unparalleled level of security as it is situated in a highly safe neighborhood with a lot of security measures that particularly give reassurance to the inhabitants and families. In this way, everyone can live peacefully both indoors and outdoors within the gated community.

5. Meticulously Planned Configurations

Dubai Hills Estate presents villas that showcase thoughtful interiors to make the best usage of space. This feature gives a great flow to the homes. A meticulously planned configuration enables you to move around the unit freely and utilize every bit of the available space every day.

6. A Hint of Artistic Design

The interior style seen in the villas of Dubai Hills Estate is extremely neat and praiseworthy. Each room in the villa in the prime establishment boasts an impressive design, striving to offer a cozy and glamorous space that you will fall in love with.

7. Privacy Unlike Anything Else

Whenever the word villa is spoken, the first thing that most people think of is privacy. The villas in Dubai Hills Estate is the type of abode that offers you the highest privacy you can imagine. 

For example, owners of a villa will have their own parking space, outdoor space, and floor-to-ceiling windows that give great views of the garden. This means that you can enjoy the natural sunlight every day without compromising on your privacy.

8. Outdoor Lifestyle

Dubai Hills Estate is an establishment that prioritizes the importance of nature, and the influence it has on people, and how it transforms their days by giving them a slower pace. This enables the occupants to relax and enjoy their time. 

For this reason, the villas in Dubai Hills Estate are something that refines the outdoor experience for inhabitants by making space for grassy lawns and natural spots with dedicated tracks and seating areas. Your outdoor workout will be always refreshing and fun after you own one of the villas for sale here.

9. Flawless Connectivity

Dubai Hills Estate is an extremely well-connected establishment having direct access to prominent roads and public transportation links. This is the main reason why this mega-development is so desirable.

10. A Worthy Investment

Buying a home in a gated and secured community always adds value to the property. There are countless features that make Dubai Hills Estate a demanding option for the majority. Not to mention that you can own whatever property type you desire without making any compromise on class. 

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