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The Best Cannabis Apps 2019 You Should Know

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Cannabis Apps

Legal marijuana has had its fair share of impediments or setbacks. Various stories have been covering the topics of shady business dealings, shortages, and moldy buds. Regardless of these stories, the legalization of marijuana is thriving. The southern states are even beginning to reconsider the benefits of the marijuana plant. From east to west, the marijuana train has developed a bounty or profusion of pioneering tech organizations and startups. Thus, The Cannabis Delivery in SOCAL  service is ready to bring safe and lab-tested cannabis straight to your door!

The world we live in today comprises cannabis consumers. Marijuana users expect their products to be as expedient as possible. Small business owners and budtenders require point-of-sale software, CRM solutions, and marketing automation boards. To achieve this, these companies and business owners need to look for popular startups which are re-imagining weed not only to the benefit of retail owners but also for the consumer. Below are some of the best weed apps which will help smaller organizations to restructure their businesses.

Presto Doctor App: Only Medical Cannabis

Presto Doctor is a weed social app that allows persons living in New York, Nevada, and California to apply to have their medical cannabis card online. Doctors in these areas are accredited by the state medical board. Hence, this cannabis app toils to assist patients with serious health conditions. Additionally, they work to educate users about the positive effects of consuming marijuana.
As a resident who lives in any of these states, registration is a simple process. After registration, you can interact with certified professionals through a video chat. And with Presto, you have your digital recommendation which is a huge benefit to you as a consumer. It helps in saving time – if you have a serious health condition and encounter difficulties trying to get to the doctor’s office. Also, it is private, affordable, and fast. This marijuana app boasts an outstanding online review.

Lift App: Medical Posts and Reviews

Lift is a marijuana company founded in Toronto, Canada. It is a review database that cannabis consumers use to review weed products. Some people describe it as the Canadian Leafly. But, the lift cannabis app concentrates on the medical aspect of the marijuana business allowing consumers to explore cannabis concentrates, strains, and an array of accessories from qualified producers.

A fascinating twist to this buy weed app is that it provides a reward system that can be utilized towards prescribing marijuana. Also, this app offers points to users if they review products, attend events sponsored by Lift, and complete surveys.

Grobo: Grow Your Cannabis

Grobo is a cannabis grow app that strives to bring the Internet of Things (IoT) to grow. Additionally, it is a Waterloo-based organization that endeavors to rationalize or simplify the marijuana growing process with its hydroponic system. This company uses a deep-water culture system which helps in keeping the roots of the plant floating in water instead of soil.

The hydroponic system of Grobo is different from other systems as it is a grow box connected to the internet. The user appends or keys in the plant details on the app. After, the system monitors water and nutrients while maintaining them at the right temperature. This cannabis grows app allows the user to track the progress of their plants via the app. It is a beneficial app for beginners and experts as it has great reviews for marijuana products.

Leafly: The Biggest Cannabis Encyclopedia

Leafly is one of the largest marijuana information resources in the world. It has dominated the resource space as it helps many people to find weed products. Its goal or objective is to empower consumers to learn more about the different cannabis strains and products that are opposite to their needs.

Leafly is an award-winning company that started as a resource for medical patients providing them with information about the marijuana strains they used. Today, it has thrived or flourished into a one-stop shop for marijuana fanatics. One of the key aspects which set this app apart from others is that it encompasses or frames positive and negative side effects. Also, before you order weed online, you can know much about different weed strains as this app provides an in-depth database of strain options.

Weedmaps: Start Your Business

Weedmaps is an organization that is committed to connecting and educating cannabis users. Local owners can list their marijuana businesses on this app. Weedmaps guarantees a productive dialogue as it has its review system in place.

Weedmaps is different from other review sites as it does not delete bad reviews at the request of a business. You can download the Weedmaps desktop app on your phone. It can connect you to dispensaries, doctors, nearby deals, as well as deliveries with a simple sign-up. Weedmaps has legalization all over the country thus it can develop into the best and ideal app for networking.

Eaze and GreenRush: Deliver Your Marijuana

Eaze and GreenRush are mail order weed apps that are the delivery gurus of marijuana. They beat out other startups as they are fast and efficient in their deliveries. As the top dogs in the medical cannabis delivery business, Eaze and GreenRush are the ideal apps you can use to order your marijuana. They both offer consistent delivery and pricing. But, Eaze has the ideal backing as a startup.

Baker: Only For Retail Use

Baker is a customer affiliation management channel for the marijuana business. It assists dispensaries in expanding their businesses and growing customer relationships. More than 1000 dispensaries trust Baker in maintaining relationships with customers as well as growing themselves. By simplifying CRM and sales, the personalized solutions of this platform can assist business owners to catch up to the race. Baker is a user-friendly platform that offers loyalty, text rewards, and menus to consumers. It is paving way for CRM solutions in the retail industry.

In conclusion, legal weed has had its fair share of holdups and obstructions. Within a few months, there have been various stories covering scarcities, shady business operations, and moldy buds. Regardless of these issues, the legalization of marijuana is flourishing. Many states in the South are beginning to reconsider the benefits of the cannabis plant. Medical marijuana is known to have numerous health benefits to the health and well-being of an individual. Thus, startups have been put in place to educate people on the different types of marijuana strains as well as much more on how to thrive in the cannabis industry. Additionally, there are apps that people cause to identify the right type of cannabis strain to use. Above are some of the best marijuana apps you should know.

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