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The Best Apps To Make The Most Of Your Summer

Best Apps To Make The Most Of Your Summer, pocket first aid cpr, find my friends, pocket first aid cpr, battery doctor

As the world winds down for August, it could be time to take that nice little break from your stressful daily routine – the vacation you’ve been dreaming of all year long. Tiny details can often spoil the experience, however, so make sure you’re prepared for everything – grab your smartphone, check out these 5 scorching summer apps and make it a summer to remember!


Imagine having all you need to know about your holiday destination in one place – sounds cool, right? With TripIt, you’ll be able to organize your summer trips in the blink of an eye. From the easiest way to reach your destination or how to make the most of your stay, let TripIt take care of everything. There’s a user-friendly navigation system, plus detailed airport maps, a great selection of places to go to plus neighborhood safety rankings – it’s all right at your fingertips.

Find My Friends

What’s summer without having some fun with your friends and creating plenty of wonderful memories together? But how often have you lost sight of them on an overcrowded beach? Or at a crazy festival? Don’t worry about that anymore – with the Find My Friends app you can now enjoy your summer to the max. No more wasting time playing hide and seek with your buddies as the map in the app will always show you their exact locations. Let the fun begin!

Battery Doctor

Is there anything more annoying than your phone battery dying and letting you down when you need it the most? Luckily, the Battery Doctor app now offers a solution to that nightmare we’ve all experienced. By making some adjustments to your settings and deep-freezing power-draining apps to save energy, it boosts your battery backup by up to 50%. What’s more, the app also protects your battery health, extending its lifespan.


Now that you’ve made sure your phone battery will last longer, why not try making some money while on vacation? With trading apps growing in popularity, the Trade360 app leads the way, allowing independent traders to make a profit regardless of where they are. With the Trade360 app you can easily open and close trading positions, with plenty of advanced tools at your disposal. There’s even a special feature called

MassInsights™ that shows you how all the other members of the Trade360 community are trading.

Pocket First Aid & CPR

Unfortunately, summertime can throw up its fair share of emergency situations. Fortunately, first aid apps like the Pocket First Aid & CPR app help you prepare for everything. Once you download it, you’ll get access to clear step-by-step instructions on CPR and emergency cardiovascular care situations, as per the American Heart Association.

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