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The Beginner’s Guide To Taking Your Gaming Career To The Next Level

Gaming Career

If you have the fire and passion for playing games, then there must be a time in your life when you would’ve thought of pursuing a full-time career in gaming. Just the thought of having a workplace where instead of working in a 9-5 job, you get to play your favorite games for hours sounds pretty astounding to gamers. 

A gaming career, which used to be a dream for many, is a reality now! With competitive gaming gaining momentum, many national and international championships have started organizing competitions with huge price-pools and exposure, giving a gamer’s career a much-needed start.

Moreover, who doesn’t love watching pro-gamers streaming their gameplays live on various platforms? Becoming a game streamer helps you earn a good amount of revenue and gives you the name and fame that everyone loves. Some gamers play games just for leisure, while others are deeply involved in gaming, so much so that they even have hacks to use undetected hwid spoofer to go unnoticed and prevent getting banned in games.

If you’re a passionate gamer looking for ways to kickstart your career, then you’ve found the right place! We are sharing some insightful tips that will help you take your gaming career to the next level.

Have the perfect gear

It is quite obvious that to start your gaming career, you need to invest a good amount of money into getting good gear. Having a good quality gaming keyboard, mouse, and a 4K HD display is a must for effortless gameplay. Your PC should be well upgraded with advanced hardware and graphics cards. Remember to familiarise yourself with your gears before competing in a tournament, as it can make you anxious to not know your gear’s configurations during the competition.

Game selection

Game selection is quite important. Select the perfect game that catches your eyes the most and devotes your time learning its gaming techniques and mechanics with regular practice. It would be a good idea to choose a popular and well-established game which you like to play, and you have a good hand at practice. Always remember, if you don’t enjoy the game, then people won’t. So select the game that you love and which has buzzed in the market too.

Compete in tournaments

Joining tournaments is a great opportunity for you to challenge and hone your gaming skills. You can start by joining local tournaments and then slowly level up to national and international tournaments. In this series of events, you will get to know your contemporary gamers and past champions and learn some of the most insightful facts about gaming careers. Winning certain tournaments also captures the attention of other gamers and your potential audiences.

Build Network

Building a network is important in every industry, and the gaming industry is no different. You can join a gaming community and connect with people who have the same aspirations and visions for their careers as you have. You will get to learn from those who are at a higher level than you. Remember to choose your network wisely. It should consist of people who would inspire and encourage you to do better in your career.

Live stream

Many social media platforms like Twitch or YouTube let you live stream your game and make a good amount of profit from it. If you don’t like the idea of streaming, you can also make gaming tutorials and guides and still make decent money from them.


Every career choice comes up with its own perks. There’s a myth that a gaming career will not let you earn a living for yourself. It is not true, and rather there are people like Tyler Blevins (Ninja), Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie) who are earning millions out of their gaming careers. 

A career in gaming is very popular in today’s youth with the number of opportunities they get from the gaming industry. The journey from a beginner to a pro gamer can seem challenging yet exciting at points but, with a definite goal and perfect skills, nothing can stop you from building a career in gaming.

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