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The Basics of The Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing action game that is set in the world of Tamriel. The game is based on the award-winning and critically acclaimed fantasy franchise, where players can explore their adventures with others through a shared open-world environment. Elder Scrolls Online launched its open beta in North America and Europe for PC on April 4th, 2014. It then transitioned to an official paid launch on April 4th, 2015.

The Elder Scrolls Online sets players apart from others through its virtual open-world environment to explore the map with other players. There are over 100 Battlegrounds, where players compete in PVP battles with real opponents or do other PVE activities to get experience and gear. Players can also choose to adventure solo and gather resources and quests by themselves.

These elder scrolls guides assume that you can play a role-playing game. If you are unfamiliar with the genre, many good resources are available that can teach you how a role-playing game works. Because some terminology is specific to The Elder Scrolls games, we recommend consulting the glossary as it pops up.

This is an elder scrolls guide for the standard controls of The Elder Scrolls Online. For more exact details, see the Controls menu in-game.

Home: Opens up the game menu, allowing access to all of your menus: inventory, skills, quests, and journal. This button is also used frequently to exit a menu back to the game.

Enter: Used to interact with NPCs and objects in the world. This button is also used when browsing through menus on your character screen and all menus in-game.

Ally and Foe: Used to toggle between allies and enemies. Many mechanics in the game require your character to act differently towards allies than enemies. For example, in PvP, a character must be set as an ally, whereas PvE would treat them as an enemy. The way you group with other characters will directly affect what options you have available to you when interacting with NPCs and objects in the world.

Left and Right: Used to move your character. The left thumbstick will be used for accelerating and decelerating movement, moving around objects, and strafing (scanning the environment with the camera). While allowed in some situations, it is discouraged to use the right thumbstick to move your character. It is highly recommended that you leave the right stick untouched when playing.

Left and Right Trigger: The left trigger will sprint, while the right trigger will trigger sneak. Holding down either one of these buttons for a long time will increase the speed of your character.

Left Bumper: Used as an alternate action for your interact key. While in the world, it functions as a modifier key used to execute specific actions: opening doors, looting objects, etc. If you are in a menu, this button will close it out immediately.

Left Thumbstick: The left thumbstick is the primary way to move your character in-game so that you will use it often. It is recommended that you don’t use this trigger for sprinting or strafing.

Cancel: If you are in combat at the time, this will cancel out of the current action and return your character to normal. If you are in a menu, exiting a menu will cancel out of it instantly.

Players begin the game by choosing a character level and a race before creating their characters. They can then choose from five different classes called “Guilds” in the game. These Guilds have specific skills to develop their character by selecting particular skills. The combat is a mixture of action-based and tactical elements such as blocking, dodging, and unlimited freedom. Players can perform over-the-horizon attacks to defeat their enemies. There is also another Player vs. Player fight in the game, which allows players to test their skill against others.

It is a game that allows players to create their destiny and custom their character as they see fit. It has been designed for casual players and hardcore gamers alike, making it an action-packed title. The game is fully voice acted and has an epic soundtrack. There are plenty of customization options available to make each player’s experience unique.

There are currently over 12 million people subscribed to the game across the three platforms: console, PC, and mobile devices. The title is one of the most profitable for Zen Imax Online Studios, which Bethesda Softworks acquired in 2018.

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