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The Advice Business Owners Need Right Now

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Is your business ready for a successful 2021? If it is time to reassess your goals and get your business back on track, you may need to implement a few changes.

Your business may be struggling, or you may just be ready to grow. Regardless of your situation, it can be daunting knowing what to do next. In the following article, we give you the advice every business owner needs right now.

#1. Streamline Your Processes

Remote workforces, new markets, and unpredictability can make goal setting, customer management, and sales tracking difficult. With a central CRM (customer relationship management) software system you can streamline your processes.

A powerful CRM will utilize the cloud, giving your team access from any location. You can optimize your remote workforce, monitor sales, and flag any financial issues. Your staff can connect with your customers at the right time, giving you more sales opportunities.

#2. Cross-Sell Your Products and Services

There is a reason why McDonald’s employees ask “do you want fries with that?” This is called cross-selling, giving your customers an add-on they may not have otherwise considered.

This is a smart way to do business, as you have already secured the original sale. But you do need to be careful not to annoy your customers by pressuring them or offering something irrelevant. A good upsell would be offering paper with a printer purchase. A bad cross-sell would be offering cat food with a shoe purchase.

Look at your current products or services, is there anything additional you could tempt your customers with?

#3. Improve Your Customer Service

Customer service is key to growing your business, but it doesn’t always come naturally. You can monitor your customer service with your business monitoring tools, tracking conversions, and follow-ups. Staff training can help to boost service, giving your employees specific methods to use based on your company policies.

Giving your customers a short feedback form after they have dealt with an operator can be useful. Check-in with your staff regularly to ensure they are satisfied and offer incentives for exceptional performance. This will help to boost morale and your customers will benefit.

#4. Be a Sustainable Brand

To stand out, brands need to have a point of difference. Companies that genuinely care about sustainability are becoming more and more attractive to customers. You can have a positive impact on the environment and grow your business with a few small changes.

For example, send electronic receipts instead of paper ones, use recycled and recyclable packaging, use custom packaging, and reduce plastics, and install solar panels at your premises.

Sustainability is a long-term commitment, but even a few small implementations can boost your profile and reduce your environmental footprint.

#5. Find New Audiences

This is a time of transition, giving you the opportunity to explore new markets. Take your business online, and connect with customers by social media.

If your business is traditionally face-to-face, consider building a website with video chat. If you offer a service, you may like to accept online bookings. Or, if you sell products, you may be able to give your customers free, local delivery. Write a blog, create an ebook, or collaborate with a complementary business. The goal is to grow your customer database and pivot into new areas.

Get Your Business Ready for 2021

There are a few steps you can take to improve your day-to-day processes. Start with a centralized CRM, giving you insights into sales and reporting, while helping you manage your customers. Find new audiences online and improve your customer service. Cross-selling can increase your company budget, but make sure you do it right. Remember, sustainable businesses are appealing to customers, and this is a direction worth pursuing.

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