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The 6 Best High-Risk Processors to Work With

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High-risk payment Processors are the ones responsible for conducting payment processing regarding high-risk merchant accounts. Businesses classified as high-risk businesses require a specialized merchant account dedicated to working for the business in this type. High-risk merchant accounts offer several benefits even though it has higher fees than the traditional merchant accounts. The benefits include transparent pricing, tools to prevent chargebacks, and transparent pricing along with high-risk payment processing.

How to choose a high-risk processor

Businesses marked as high-risk businesses require a specialized processor that can deal with this type of transaction. The selection of a high-risk processor depends on several factors that can enable the merchant to understand the business type and other factors. The other factors in selecting a high-risk processor are as follows:


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The different types of processors offer their services to various types of high-risk businesses, which may differ from business to business regarding their nature of business. Due to company policy and other factors, some high-risk processors have their specified preferred offshore merchant processing on particular high-risk elements. For example, some high-risk payment processors are open to provide their services to cannabidiol industries while others are not.


Load balancing is the feature that integrates the transaction of multiple merchant accounts into a single payment gateway. This enables the business to spread its payments across multiple merchant accounts, enabling the business to render various benefits. The benefits include the presence of backup accounts. If any of the accounts fail, the chargeback risk is reduced while generating more revenue every month.



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Most high-risk processes work with multiple merchant accounts and thus do not list their fees and rates online. The main reason behind this is that it may vary from one merchant to another depending on the matching of the business and the processor dealing with high-risk payments. Thus, it is important to read the offered contract carefully to know the services’ charges. The charges for high-risk payment processing differ from each processor due to their company policies. While reading and discussing the contract can lead to a more effective deal based on the business.

Durango Merchant Services

Durango Merchant services are among the oldest merchants in high-risk management and one of the best in the business. The company is known for its amazing customer service, fair rates, and honesty. Like various others in the market, this company uses a quote-based pricing system of the services and limits its disclosure of the rates and pricing online. This company also offers the feature of an offshore account if the business requires one.

This company has a proprietary payment gateway called Durango Pay. This includes all the standard payments features and security features needed to run a web-based business and Authorise.Net emulator mode. This also enables retail merchants that accept both EMV NFC-based payment methods and iProcess mobile systems regarding payments.


PaymentCloud is a high-risk processor specializing in placing high-risk businesses relying on a third-party processor and acquiring banks to get the business approved for an account. The business needs to obtain a pricing quote from the company in order to find the services it can offer. However, various merchant feedbacks have testified to this process being reasonable regarding the rates and pricing. This processor also enables the extra work to be done without any type of application or setup fees.

Soar Payments

Soar payments specialize in serving companies dealing in high-risk entities while providing competitive pricing and terms that are even attractive to companies that deal in low-risk entities. The high-risk payment processing is dealt with in the best way possible due to competitive pricing. This type of processor offers a few terminals for high-risk businesses and reserves free terminals for low-risk businesses.

Host Merchant Services

Host Merchant Services is not a high-risk specialist while serving primarily low-risk businesses. The feature is known as interchange-plus-only pricing, and a full variety of products and services make it a desired option once approved. HMS has been suitable for a web hosting company and eCommerce merchants and uses TSYS Merchant Solutions as a backend process. This processor, however, displays some of its rates and fees on the website. Businesses should always be aware of the fluctuation in high-risk payment processes. The company provides comprehensive customer service along with having an excellent reputation in this field of processors.

Easy Pay Direct

Easy Pay Direct offers its services via its proprietary EPD Gateway as its primary product specializing in high-risk management. This processor not only serves high-risk businesses but also provides its services to low-risk businesses. The additional fee as processing fee and account charges are reduced under this process. There is only a one-time payment of $99 to create the account and render the services. However, there is an early termination fee if the account is closed off too early without proper transactions. This payment processor offers load sharing, which is helpful for high-risk businesses. This is due to exceeding the underwriting processor’s monthly processing limits regarding the volume.

SMB Global

SMB Global specializes in enabling businesses to have high-risk business transactions as well as offshore business dealings. This is one of the key elements in business transactions in the traveling industry. This type of processor enables a wide plethora of services regarding eCommerce merchants, including NMI Gateway and Authorize.Net. However, this process does not actively advertise mobile processing systems or credit card terminals. Various high-risk payment processing enables a specified type of processor that enables the same effects as this processor.

The six payment processors that deal with high-risk payment processing are given above are responsible for rendering the most effective and smooth high-risk transactions. The high-risk processors enabled the specialized approach for business regarding this type. The six different high-risk processors enable a clear understanding of the options available to the businesses.

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