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The 3 Best Marketing Channels For New Businesses In 2021

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Building products, creating services, and even setting up a company is never the problem. The problem is running and marketing the products, services, and the company as a whole. While companies that are more established and that have been in the industry for quite a while seem to be having the upper hand.

Smaller businesses and startups seem to be falling into an abyss. Not because they don’t know what they are doing, but mostly either because they don’t know how to do it or they are doing it wrong.

If you are just starting up, it doesn’t matter the industry you are in, the products you are selling, or the services you are offering, the internet is a big world. There is a spot for everyone. You just need to do things right and set your priorities straight.

What You Have To Do First/ Setting Your Priorities Straight

The first thing you need to ask yourself is what are your priorities? How are they set? How do you execute them, to ensure they meet and align with your business plans? Are you marketing2build and creating healthy relationships and connections? Or you are just trying to force your products down into people’s throats?

If you are just starting, and you have put all your focus on closing deals and getting sales, then boom! That is why you are already frustrated; your priorities are set wrong and you might just need to do some resetting. Here is what you should focus on first;

Build Relationships

If you are starting out, nobody knows you or that your products and services exist. And the harsh honesty is, no one even cares. Why? You may ask because there are already a million other companies offering the same services and selling the same products as you. And guess what, they are way popular and famous, and they don’t even need to market to sell.

So what do you do if these are the companies you are competing with? You start to build relationships with your potential customers. How? Find their struggles, problems, and challenges, and give them a solution. Interact with them anyhow possible and create a strong bond. 

This may be through social media, your blog, and just about any convenient platform both for you and your potential customers. Read on to find how to create these bonds.

Offer High Value

How to build relations? Offer great value. If it is a product, tell them and show them how it is going to change their lives and make it easier and better. Don’t just tell them to buy your product. Tell them why they should buy your products. Give them a reason to.

Educate And Inform

Part of offering great value to your potential clients is to educate and inform them. Not just about your products and services, but also about their problems. Yes, some people don’t even know they have a problem, make them realize that and give them a solution. For those who already know they have a problem that needs attention, convince them that your products and services are their best solution through information and education.

Number One Marketing Channels

There could be a million ways to put your products and services right in front of your potential client’s eyes. But which ones are the best, specifically for your business?


SEO or rather Search Engine Optimization is basically optimizing your website/ business to appear in the first pages of search engines search like Google, and organically driving traffic to your site. This method of marketing works with just about any business, regardless of your target. Every time people want a solution or a product, the first place they check is Google. If your website ranks on the very first page of Google, then you can be sure of impressive results.

Social Media

Millions of people use different social media platforms every day, with Facebook and Instagram taking the lead. As far as social media is concerned, you first need to evaluate your business and define your market, and target in terms of age and location, in relation to your business. Then find one or two social channels to focus on advertising.


SEM, or rather Search Engine Marketing, is a form of online marketing to increase awareness and visibility by promoting your website/ business on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This includes both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PSA (Paid Search Advertising).

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