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Tenorshare’s iPhone Care Pro

iPhone Care Pro


Tenorshare is the developer of a number of utilities for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. I came across this product by Tenorshare named “iPhone Care Pro”.  This is a useful utility that goes beyond the simple backup provided by iTunes and provides a number of features you can use to keep your iPhone running smoothly and your data securely backed up. There are both Mac and Windows versions available.  iPhone Care Pro for Mac  and iPhone Care Pro for Windows

iPhone Care Pro

You download the software to your Mac or the Windows version (if you roll that way). Launch iPhone Care Pro once the installation has completed. Connect your iPhone”s Lightning cable to the iPhone and the USB end to your Mac or PC.  Almost immediately you’ll see the following screen that will provide all the particulars about your iPhone. 


Type of device connected, its capacity, iOS version installed, serial number, and format are displayed.  It will tell you how much memory is being consumed by the system, how much for content and apps, and how much free space you have left on the device.  It will tell you when the device was last scanned, when it was last cleaned and when is was last backed up.

iPhoneCareProUnder Settings > Storage Tab, it will give you the breakdown of what file types are consuming how much memory; photos, audio, video, books, user data, applications, and others.

There is also a Scan tab and Backup Tab under Settings.  The Backup tab gives you the option to choose the number of back-ups you want.

iPhoneCareProThe Backup screen shows any previous backups you may have. Backing up my iPhone took less than three minutes.  You can also Restore or Delete backups from this screen. You can navigate to the other features of the app or return to the Home screen.

iPhone Care ProThe File Manager allows you to view and manage the various files on your iPhone.  Click on Music and all the songs on your device will appear in a list.  Double-click on a song and it plays within the app in its own player. Select a song in the list by checking its checkbox.  You can Add, Delete or Export files and Refresh the list.

Apps are displayed in a list where you can Install, Uninstall, Backup and Refresh the list.  You can also Delete or Backup individual apps. There is even an option to Remove ads from Apps.

The “Speedup & Clean” tab gives you two options, Quick Clean, and Deep Clean.

All in all this is a very comprehensive tool and it has made it into my personal toolbox.  There are both Mac and Windows versions available.  iPhone Care Pro for Mac  and iPhone Care Pro for Windows.  Download and let us know what you think.

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