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In every era, some people are socially and financially weak and need help. It’s a concern who will step up and help people in need. Most people have busy lives, and very few of them choose to help people asking for support.

That is the very reason why social work has exploded throughout the world. We are seeing more demand for social workers than ever before, and the supply is not nearly enough to fulfill the needs of the weak and the oppressed. According to the US Department of Labor, social work is one of the fastest-growing fields out there right now, making it the perfect time to learn how to become a social worker.

People who are in this field are trying to uplift the lives of people and helping them raise their quality of life. You will find them in hospitals, schools, NGOs, government agencies, clinics, correctional facilities, old homes, among others. These are highly qualified and experienced people who have made providing aid to people their lives’ mission. They work with children, older adults, people with mental or other illnesses, women, victims of all types of abuse, and entire communities.

If you have finally decided that you want to make a difference in this world by contributing to the upliftment of humankind, then it’s best to opt for a career in social work. For that, you need a professional degree like MSW so that you can officially start working in organizations that aid in helping people in your community and around the globe.

Following are several career options for you if you choose to be a social worker:

1. School Social Worker

Those of you who choose this field will get to work with teachers, students, and parents to figure out and identify the various academic or social issues that children face every day. As a school social worker, you will get to make children’s lives more comfortable and help them navigate the world on their own and make the right decisions.

2. Child Protection Services (CPS) Worker

A lot of times, you will find that there are children whose lives or safety are at significant risk due to various reasons. Many children are in the foster care system and adoptive homes. As a child protective services worker, you will make sure that the children are safe and are well-taken care. You will help their families create a safe and healthy environment at home so that they grow up physically and mentally fit.

3. Mental Health Social Worker

More children now have mental illnesses and disorders. Your job will be to focus on their emotional and spiritual well-being through counseling and various other strategies. You will assess the different factors that are affecting the children and solve them.

4. Gerontological Social Worker

As a gerontological social worker, you will be working mostly with older people and their families. You will be responsible for providing them with the guidance and counseling that they need about their home healthcare, health complications, assisted living, and everything else that they require.

5. Military Social Worker

Soldiers who come back from performing their duties sometimes have a hard time integrating with society. They develop issues like anxieties, or they might have problems that are physical or psychological. You will be responsible for helping them in leading a healthy life and positively resolve the issues that they have. You will also be working with the families of the brave soldiers who gave their lives for their counties and help them cope with the absence of their loved ones.

6. Correctional Treatment Specialist

You will be working with people who have been released from prison and are not on parole anymore. You will help them with their rehabilitation and guide them to integrate with society.

7. Hospice Social Worker

As a hospice social worker, you will be working with clients who don’t have a long time to live. You will help them and their families through this tragic and tough time and help them cope with the situation.

8. Public Health Social Worker

As a public health social worker, you will be working for various government agencies to improve the living conditions of different communities. You will disseminate information that will help these communities live healthier and safer, among other things.

9. Social and Community Service Manager

Your role as a social service manager or a community service manager will be to work with various communities and help them identify their problems and then come up with a realistic solution so that they can live healthier and happier.

10. Addiction and Substance Abuse

When you work with people who are suffering from substance abuse, you will provide them with the resources, the guidance, and the will to overcome their addiction and start living a healthier and happier life with their loved ones.


All of these careers, as mentioned above, requires patience, a thirst for knowledge, a hunger to make people’s lives better, and resilience. Hopefully, you can make a better choice for your career.

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