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Tempo Is A Simple, Fast Weather App For iPhone [REVIEW]

tempo simple fast weather app iphone more weather info

Weather apps for iPhone are a dime a dozen these days. The pace of new weather app releases has seriously dumbed down since the launch of Yahoo!’s outstanding, free Weather app. I have been using Yahoo!’s offering ever since it has been available, but recently I tried out Tempo by the folks over at Grafite. Check out the hands-on review after the jump.

tempo simple fast weather app for iphone settings

From The Developers Of ‘Quotes’

Grafite’s previous app Quotes is my single favorite quotes app. I have tried several over the past few years, but none of them is as simple and at the same time eye-catching as Quotes. A new quote is stylishly delivered once every twenty-four hours; after reading it, you can share the quote via various means be it SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, or save it as an image for yourself.

This is why my expectations from Tempo were a tad high. Like Quotes, I expected the app to follow the popular software development principle: “do one thing, but do it well”. No extravagant animations, or powerful features. Just give me the weather information I need for the next few days.

Tempo does exactly that. It automatically picks up your current city, and gives you only the most critical weather information you need. The weather for the day, and tomorrow is displayed on the first screen; scrolling down reveals the expected weather for the next four days.

tempo simple fast weather app for iphone

It is a little too sparse, don’t you think? Thankfully, you can swipe left or right on each weather report to see the maximum + minimum temperature for the day, humidity, clouds, sunset and sunrise times.

The Settings page – revealed by scrolling up – is equally sparse. The only option available is to change temperature unit between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Do One Thing, But Do It Well

Yes, Tempo doesn’t give the same amount of information as juggernauts like Yahoo! Weather, but personally, I like it for what it is. It’s noticeably faster to load on my aging iPhone 4S, and the weather information that it shows is exactly how much I need.

My only complaint is that I cannot see weather information for other cities. Here’s hoping the developers add the option to add multiple cities, and allow quick swiping between them while maintaining the app’s light-weightedness.

tempo simple fast weather app for iphone more weather info

Tempo is available as a $0.99 download on the iTunes App Store. I recommend it to people who a) do not travel regularly and b) want a fast weather for their aging iPhone.

Download Tempo for iPhone [iTunes App Store Link]

Download Quotes for iPhone [iTunes App Store Link]

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