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How WiFi Technology Is Changing The Efficiency Of Home Heating And Related Costs

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Eighty-one percent of smart home users said they would be more apt to purchase a home that had connected technology. Smart homes powered by the Internet of Things are changing the way people not only interact with their homes but the efficiency with which they can operate. From light bulbs that can be switched on using a smartphone app to a smart thermostat in your home that can cut down on heating and cooling costs or even a connected surveillance camera that allows you to monitor changes when and where you want, WiFi connectivity is returning the power to homeowners in ways that benefit them in regards to safety, efficiency, and even economically.

Combining home WiFi and home automation

Simply put, whoever controls the WiFi will control the home. As more service providers begin facilitating concierge services and developing technologies that allow homeowners to connect their homes wirelessly to their devices when away from the home, the industry will continue to see an increase in the ability to fully automate all of a home’s functions from afar. This includes, but is not limited to, the ability to adjust the heating and cooling systems, turn off lights you might have forgotten to turn off, engage in security surveillance, and to even lock and unlock doors for visitors.

The financial benefits of using WiFi

The great thing about introducing a smart thermostat into your home that relies on WiFi is that you can control it from anywhere. This means that, in environments that feature cold winter months, you don’t have to leave your heat running all day in order to come home to a warm house. When you know you’ll be heading home, you can remotely access your heating system to turn it on in time to warm your home. Using a pre-set heating and cooling schedule in this way can help save up to 30% on your energy bill each year.

Choosing the most energy-efficient smart thermostat for your home

Seeing as your thermostat acts as the main point of access for your HVAC system, it’s important to choose one that not only offers you all of the benefits of smart technology and the savings that come along with it, but you should consider one that includes things that work within the heating and cooling needs of your family and home. Devices such as the Nest Learning Thermostat, the Honeywell Lyric T5, and the Ecobee3 give you greater control over your heating with WiFi integration, web and mobile apps, and even sensors. These work by detecting whether or not you’re home with movement sensors and defaulting to an “away” mode that saves energy. It will also be important to choose a system that allows you to configure the settings according to what type of heating you have, such as radiators, forced air, and more.

The future of WiFi heating and smart thermostats

As the world continues to become increasingly more digitally-based and more of the global population has access to smartphones and unlimited WiFi access, homeowners will continue to be able to fully automate their living spaces to suit their needs and desires. Smart thermostats are just one integration found in modern homes that make life easier, and in the future, every aspect of the home will be tied together in a way that is cost-efficient, energy-efficient and fully automated and personalizable.

Author: Sally Phillips

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