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Technologies That Help Small Business Owners to Prosper and De-stress

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Owning and operating your own small business can lead to experiencing true freedom and independence to make some of the most important decisions in one’s life, such as how exactly you spend your professional time. Other benefits can include a most welcome and satisfying feeling of personal fulfillment as you strike out on your own and forge a space you can call your own in a sometimes chaotic and capricious marketplace.

However, the tremendous stresses that can so easily accrue to owners — be it problems and issues with sales, marketing, project management, accounting or employee management — are also very real and potentially damaging. Presented below are three sections based on some of the above problems and issues common to many small business owners. Technological solutions will be offered. These apps and software platforms are some of the most ingenious, cost-effective, and quietly powerful tools available to help small business owners slash their stress levels, help their business run more smoothly and ultimately grow and prosper.

Sales and Marketing Aids

One of the single most beneficial types of applications for a small business owner to adopt is in the CRM realm. This technology helps one manage leads and customers and aids small businesses in transforming customers and clients into loyal ones. The bottom line is if you want your business to look professional, run more smoothly, and enable painless scaling, a stellar CRM app is a necessity. There are many platforms that work with small businesses for their sales and marketing. 

Hatchbuck is an all-in-one tool that will automate many facets of your sales and marketing efforts. It helps manage contacts and tracks all aspects of the sales funnel. Communication with leads, customers, and established clients will also become easier than before with Hatchback. With this platform, it will be less likely than ever for a potential sale to inadvertently fall by the wayside.

An effective tool for building your brand and reaching out to new audiences or team members is ClickMeeting, a web video or webinar platform. It is compatible with nearly every CRM application out there as well as email marketing tools. ClickMeeting has a high ease-of-use factor and is agile enough to serve nearly any video meeting or branded webinar needs one could have.

Bookkeeping Tools and Document Management

Financial accounting is one of the most crucial aspects of managing a growing business. It can also be quite tedious without help. For owners and operators working on a budget, one app, in particular, stands out here. FreshBooks is intuitive and simple but effective. Designed with small businesses in mind, it is a worthy cloud-based bookkeeping software platform. This app is perfect for small business owners and operators working within a tight budget who need an easy to use tool that doesn’t require an accountant’s degree to use.

If your business has really suffered from not managing your finances, you should reach out to credit repair Atlanta. When you are able to get your credit back to where it should be, it opens up a lot more possibilities for your business.

Managing paperwork and documents in even the smallest of businesses is yet another facet of one’s business that can be enhanced when learning how to write a small business plan. The standout solution in this case is PandaDoc, a document management app. It standardizes document procedures business-wide and can work to smooth out many types of processes.

Smart Choices for Better Project Management

Effective internal collaboration and communication are vital to the smooth functioning of any business project. Slack is the go-to solution in this realm. Slack has a sleek, intuitive user interface that makes communication and collaboration between employees and teams elegantly easy.

In a similar vein, an owner and operator struggling to keep up with an influx of work and new hires should give 15Five a close look. Keeping track of everyone when one’s business is growing is made eminently easier with 15Five. It aids employees in learning about company morale, achieving productivity goals, and reducing turnover. While a bit short of a true employee training software platform — a great tool in its own right — it nonetheless helps both management and staff in continuing to be better at what they do.

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