It’s Your Tech Addiction So Stop Blaming Apple

Tech Addiction

Tech Addiction

Tech addiction is a real thing. We are all victims of it or if we aren’t victims ourselves, there is someone in our close circle that is. When asked, many blame companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon for their addictions rather than accepting that they have a problem.

This is what is making matters worse. Rather than accepting their addition as their problem, people tend to project the blame on the tech companies. This is the same as a drunk blaming the drink for his addiction. Nobody forces him to drink. He does so at his own accord. To blame it on the drink is something he knows is a lie but it is easier to blame someone else rather than accepting that you have a problem.

Tech Attraction

The same is the case with tech addiction. Nobody is forcing you to watch YouTube videos nonstop all day. Now you can’t blame YouTube for the addiction as there are tons of helpful channels on the website that can help you out in a tricky situation. You can watch tutorials and you can watch online lectures and get help when you are stuck on a project.

The same way people blame Apple for their addiction. Apple does not force you to buy iPhones. People choose to do so themselves. They also choose to lose themselves in the screen out of their own free will. The first step to solving the problem is accepting that you have a problem.


Some people do accept that they have a problem and they even seek help for their tech addiction. But, it is rarely their own choice. They are either forced by their friends or family or they come across an article on social media claiming tech addiction can cause depression. This drives them to seek help but it is a half-hearted attempt and they are back to previous ways within no time.

We need to accept the tech companies and work with them rather than blaming them for our problems. One rule about addiction treatment is that it is impossible to help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. We need to think of these industries as our partners rather than someone pitted against us and trying to force us into addiction. We force ourselves into this addiction and only we can drive ourselves out of it. This is the time that we stop blaming tech companies and accept that it is us who is exercising this compulsive behavior.

Author: -Ali Vaqar. A budding engineer, wanting so much from life and making each day count.
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