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Take Your Scrabble Gameplay To The Next Level: Our Top Tips 


Despite efforts at becoming good in scrabble gameplay, some people attest that there’d always be wins and losses. To them, being an expert in the game sounds like a fable where winning is by mere luck. But this is not true. Scrabble is an innovative game that deals with words and their application, and to keep winning requires specific techniques. Here are some tips to take your scrabble gameplay to the next level. 

Train with Masters 

Becoming a professional in scrabble games cannot be achieved by playing with novices. This act can trick you into believing you’re an expert. However, to take your gameplay to the next level, you would have to play with leaders. Get out of your comfort zone and begin playing with people who are better than you. 

Learn Words with Prefixes and Suffixes

Knowing how to position and play prefixes and suffixes is a top-level skill needed to level up your scrabble gameplay. Using such prefixes and suffixes help open opportunities in tight places and increase scores. Mastering words and key scenarios where words like ers, ing, ed, ex, en, etc., can be linked is a great way to claim high scores and overthrow your opponent. 

Master Two/Three Letter Words 

The Scrabble dictionary contains all the acceptable letters and words in the game. Becoming an expert game player is achievable when you master all the two/three-letter words. This also helps you survive in tight game conditions and trick opponents to contest words they aren’t sure about. These two/three-letter words can also open many opportunities for landing your letters in high-value tiles. 

Always be Bingo-conscious 

Most times, players fail to play bingos in scrabble because they miss such opportunities. To have an extra edge over opponents, you need to keep your eyes open to bingo opportunities from the start of the game. You can hasten this by keeping prefixes and suffixes like ‘ing’, ‘erds’, ‘ed’, etc. 

To grab all bingo opportunities from your letter combination, we recommend using a Scrabble word finder like scrabble-solver.com. It will help arrange all letters into words that you can play in the game.

Become an ‘S’ Expert 

S is a very versatile and one of the most loved letters by scrabble experts. This is because it can attach to a vast myriad of words. Becoming a professional scrabble player involves mastering opportunities to use S. This doesn’t include just adding it to any word available but being laser-focused on high-scoring word linking opportunities. 

Be Defensive when necessary 

Attacking high-scoring opportunities like the two/three letter tiles is a great way to get high scores in scrabble. However, defending yourself against opponents using them is a skill to master. You should always try to spoil your opponent’s opportunities to prevent them from striking too much and getting high scores. 


Scrabble is an exciting game for vocabulary enthusiasts who love learning and application. However, the excitement will be better when you play and win games. Becoming a professional requires practice, but carefully following some tips as explained above. 

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