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How To Take Your Phone To A New Carrier And Save Money

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One of the things as to why many individuals find themselves stuck with one phone carrier, might not be necessary because of their love and loyalty, but rather for the fear of losing their phone numbers as well. So If you want to make that grand phone carrier switch and still want to keep your phone, you have to carefully evaluate your next steps. For instance, you have to first ensure your phone is compatible with the other network, check if it’s unlocked and make payments on any early termination fees. After this is all done with, you’re now set to take your phone to a new carrier. But what if it’s locked, how do you go about it?

Unlocking your Prepaid/Full paid Phone

If yours is a prepaid/full paid phone option, then it’s quite easy to unlock and move to the new carrier. You, however, have to check out on the generalized unlocking policies of the same and get to learn what they mean. However, according to most agreements, carriers have the mandate unlock phones that have been fully paid for or those with requests of yearly subscriptions. In this case, your cellular provider will alert you when your phone is set for unlocking, making things much easier.

Using Third Party Services

Like any type of business, there are various third-party phone unlocking service providers available. However, most of them work in a similar way. For instance, the standard procedure includes visiting their website, making payments for an unlocking code, provide your email address and wait for the code to be delivered via email. For example, you can easily Unlock your iPhone in the comfort of your home by following simple steps. However, the prices charged depending on the type of device at hand, but they are often fair.

Since most of these third-party phone unlocking service providers require you to pay upfront for their services, you have to be careful as to whom you can trust. Therefore, conduct a thorough research and go through customer reviews before investing. For instance, A service provider with a responsive customer support system makes an ideal pick as you can get your issues sorted at any time of the day. Also, they tend to provide codes with the shortest time possible, hence increased credibility. If you have a complaint and it takes several days to get a reply, it’s a red flag that should keep you away.

Unlocking Different Phone Types

If your carrier doesn’t alert you of your phone’s unlocking schedule and you prefer conducting the process alone, know that it isn’t an easy flip-by procedure. Be ready to make several phone calls and have the correct information at hand.

For example, you should;

1: know the account number and name

2: Your device’s IMEI number

3: Your phone number

4: The password

5: Contract details

Remember the unlocking process differs from carrier to carrier. So remain open-minded

Whether you choose to unlock your phone on your own, use third-party services or wait for an alert from your carrier, remember none of these processes are easy. So be flexible and allocate yourself sufficient waiting time. The greatest motivation you can have at this time is that of being able to use your favorite phone on a new carrier and of course while saving some cash!

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