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TaiG Jailbreak Tool Now Supports iTunes 12.1

taig itunes 12.1

Apple has recently updated iOS to version 8.1.3 and iTunes to version 12.1. The new version has not been jailbroken yet, so if you’re thinking about updating to the latest iOS, keep in mind that you’ll lose the jailbreak. Jailbreak tools don’t yet support iOS 8.1.3, but the TaiG tool for Windows now does support iTunes 12.1.

taig itunes 12.1

iTunes 12.1

Apple recently released iTunes 12.1 (previously 12.0.1) with iOS 8.1.3. We wrote a tutorial on downgrading iTunes 12.1, explaining that reverting back to iOS 8.1.2 requires reverting back to iTunes 12.0.1 first. A few days ago, we wrote a post explaining that reverting back to iTunes 12.0.1 was no longer such a good idea.

Once upgraded, you can’t always go back to the previous version of iOS. Apple allows a limited time window (signing window) during which you can downgrade. Since this is now over, you can’t downgrade your iOS anymore, even if you manage to downgrade iTunes.

Jailbreak tools exploit loopholes within the operating system, allowing user-applications to get access to the root file system, which can then be used to practically do anything with the iDevice. Apple obviously tries to patch up these loopholes with updates. With each new update, Apple promises bug fixes, enhancements and performance improvements. But often, it is only patching things up to run smoother, and cover up security loopholes left in the previous versions.

With iOS 8.1.3, the exploits used by jailbreak tools such as TaiG and PP have been patched up. The same goes for the latest version of iTunes, as each new version of both the iOS and iTunes aims to patch up these exploits.

There is some good news however. If you are thinking about going back to iTunes 12.0.1 because 12.1 wasn’t supported by jailbreak tools – then you needn’t worry. TaiG has just been updated to now work with the latest version of iTunes. And if you are unsure whether to update to the latest version, again there’s no harm, since the latest iTunes version is now supported by TaiG. So might as well get the latest iTunes.

Just be sure to not update to iOS 8.1.3 just yet! Appreciate the difference between iOS and iTunes (if you don’t, you shouldn’t be jailbreaking anyway).

You can download TaiG from the link below;

TaiG for Windows

What iOS are you running? Have you updated iTunes to the latest version? Let u know if you have faced any problems, and we’ll try to cover them in an upcoming post! Good luck!

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