SYRP Genie 3 Axis Motion Control

Motion control

Motion Control

If you’re a photographer you will likely be excited by the SYRP Genie 3 Axis Motion Control. This is a new Pan Tilt Bracket that recently began shipping. The latest update for the Syrp Genie App was also released and includes the ability to perform 3-axis motion.

All you do is set up your Genie, plus two Genie Minis and the Pan Tilt Bracket. Next, connect the Genie and Genie Mini together using the Sync cable and control all of your camera’s movement and other parameters directly from the Syrp Genie App.

Syrp put together the following short video showcasing what the setup can do.

In addition, they provided a tutorial to help you get started on setting up your first 3-axis shot.

There are kits available to make it easy to purchase. The Genie Tracking kits include everything you need to produce smooth tracking shots for video or time-lapse motion photography. This combination of gear really produces professional results.

The Genie is generally compatible with cameras that have a remote input that is used for triggering the shutter.

Combining your DSLR with this rig will increase the production value of your films. Capture full 3-Axis motion control for simultaneous Tracking, Panning and Tilting Timelapse and Video. Track around objects, perfect for interview shots and cutaways. Full 3-Axis control is setup entirely using the Syrp Genie App available on iOS or Android.

The Genie can be set to video mode and take perfectly smooth real-time video shots. There’s no link cable required for using the Genie like this and simply set the distance you would like the Genie to move and how long you would like to record for and press start. You can use one of the factory pre-sets on the device as an alternative.

This rig is engineered with the filmmaker in mind. It is the perfect lightweight solution for manual tracking shots and motion control.

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