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Sync Music BPM To Heart Rate / Pace For Improved Workouts With RockMyRun For iPhone

rockmyrun sync music bpm to heart rate and pace iphone app

Music is food for the soul, they say, and they are correct. Music and the ‘beats per minute’ of a track is particularly excellent for motivating you to exercise harder and longer. We have come across an app which allows you to sync music BPM to heart rate for better workouts!

rockmyrun sync music bpm to heart rate and pace iphone app

I have recently started getting into the habit of walking at a brisk pace for about 30 to 45 minutes every day. More recently, I have incorporated small jogging stints into the routine to get my heart pumping.

While reading up online about jogging / running, I read some comments on how listening to energetic music can motivate you to run longer / faster. This commonly happens when the music’s beats-per-minute syncs with every step you take or your heart rate.

select music bpm for workout

As it turns out, there is an app for that! Earlier today, I came across an app called RockMyRun which dynamically adjusts and plays music based on your pace.

It is a novel idea which has a ensured market ready for it, but there is somewhat high initial cost involved in getting RockMyRun to work. The ‘myBeat’ feature which dynamically syncs music BPM with heart rate / running pace requires you to use a Bluetooth heart monitor. myBeat is limited to iOS at the moment. Additionally, you need to download the music playlists over WiFi before you head out to your run, as RockMyRun does not offer streaming over cellular data yet.

It is a lot of limitations, but as I understand it, the developers are working to remove them in coming updates.

search for bpm music playlists for workout

As of now, RockMyRun is really only useful for those of you who wish to sync music BPM with heart rate / running pace while they are running indoors on a treadmill while they are using a Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

The rest of us can still use RockMyRun, but be prepared for limitations and / or inconveniences.

RockMyRun is available for free from iOS App Store. For ads-free music, and longer mixes, you will need to pay up $4.99 every month.

Download RockMyRun [App Store]

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