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Sustainable Technology

Sustainable Technology

Unfortunately, industrial progress gradually leads to irreversible damage to the ecology and biosphere. That is why many industrialists today invest huge amounts of money to prevent later global warming or other cataclysms. The newest Sustainable Technology helps to maintain turnover and profit, but at the same time, minimizes the risk of ecosystem death.

What is Sustainable Technology?

Sustainable Technology is a way of developing digital technologies, in which a constant balance is achieved between new IT solutions and systematic growth.

The main tasks of Sustainable Technology, which are set for the developers of an intellectual product:

·         The introduction of artificial intelligence that responds not to linear, but to arbitrary functions, allows the user to communicate with the machine as with a rational being.

·         Maximum preservation of the ecological safety of the planet and elimination of negative impact on the environment.

·         Limiting the consumption of natural resources, switching to recycling and renewable technologies.

·         Tracking global warming trends and climate change on the planet

·         The full team for product deliveries and logistics to avoid handling a large amount of waste.

·         Active development of crop production, animal husbandry, and other branches of agriculture.

·         Assistance in reducing the populations listed in the Red Book.

·         Installation of filters, smart technologies that allow reducing the amount of harmful waste into the atmosphere.

All the described surrenders have long been regulated in many countries at the state level, which leads to the emergence of new standards and restrictions that every business representative must comply with.

How can technology sustainability be achieved?

Many business representatives associate the rejection of most requirements and restrictions with a number of well-established explanations from imaginary experts. So, there are many myths about the dangers of sustainable technologies for business, which over the years are increasingly debunked by authoritative experts:

·         Many business players are talking about the high cost of sustainable technology. This concept is a lie, provided long-term development is oriented. All initial investments are completed in just a few years thanks to improved business process efficiencies.

·         Many argue that familiar technologies are much more effective, as they have long been studied from the inside, which minimizes risks. In fact, if we disregard the principles of outdated methods, the global digitalization of business processes leads to almost instant savings in resources – business owners can initially switch to the M2M communication language, which contributes to staff optimization, eliminates the human factor, and leads to profit growth.

·         Some entrepreneurs claim that it is difficult to fill the company with qualified staff due to the introduction of stable technologies. It should be remembered here that the most employable segments of the population today belong to the millennials, that is, people who met digital technologies at a young age. This means that most of them prefer to work in a forward-looking space that looks to the future.

·         Skeptics claim that the most successful companies do not strive to develop sustainable technologies. This statement does not apply to the world’s most powerful IT companies that donate billions of dollars to the development of sustainable technology and the protection of the environment.

Thus, sustainable technologies not only allow the planet’s resources to be preserved in their original condition but also indirectly lead entrepreneurs to profit and success.

How to switch to sustainable technologies?

The largest market players, who have been implementing sustainable technologies in their daily activities for a long time, act in accordance with the following algorithm:

·         Retail works great online, and this has been proven by the coronavirus pandemic in the world. If fewer people visit retail outlets in their cars, CO2 emissions will decrease significantly.

·         Another important step in preserving the environment is the use of recycled products.

·         In construction, it is recommended to use only energy-efficient buildings, as well as to install recuperators that ensure the implementation of passive house technologies, which allows saving energy resources.

·         Enormous amounts of water resources are used by the agricultural community. If you use the Internet of things for this operation, then the consumption will decrease by almost 2 times.

·         Smart water meters limit the consumption of human resources in everyday life.

·         All business processes are optimized using the Internet, which eliminates the increased consumption of energy and other resources.

·         Even 40 years ago, almost all documents or drawings were printed on paper, for which thousands of hectares of forests were cut down. Today, most of the world’s largest companies are moving to electronic communication and cloud storage, which preserves the lungs of our planet.

·         Any harmful items that are necessary for everyday life and have already served a person must be disposed of in a proper way. Here we are talking about gas or mercury lamps, or portable power supplies.

It should be taken into account that the digitalization of business is an inevitable process that proceeds automatically. Neither the old country nor the old industry should avoid this. In this way, those enterprises that will quickly switch to sustainable technologies will be one step ahead of their competitors.

How does sustainable technology affect the competitiveness of an enterprise?

The global economy shows how alternative energy sources, as well as goods produced on their basis, or the widespread introduction of recycling, increase the value of the shares of the world’s leading companies.

This indicates. that not only government structures, but also ordinary users have long been interested in the introduction of new technologies. It also plays the role of fashion for one or another innovative product, which is produced by the pioneer of the new industry.

If we take the Tesla company as an example, then initially few people believed in it. Major business players thought that developments would remain at the level of single concepts. However, it is not. The newest auto industry has become the world’s largest giant, capitalization of which has reached an unprecedented $ 0.5 trillion in history.

This invention has become on par with the light bulb or the first aircraft – the mass production of electric vehicles.

Thus, the world’s leading analysts call on progressive entrepreneurs to quickly ensure energy savings, use sustainable technologies and carve out their own niche. After all, subject to success, all other global companies will be only second.

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