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Sunglasses And Running- A Winning Combination

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To run in the sun is one of the pleasures of the summertime, it can also result in tired eyes, glare, and a premature early wrinkled forehead. To feel that the sun is part of your enjoyment of running and is not a barrier, you need to choose a pair of sunglasses. The Goodr running sunglasses are nowadays among the best running sunglasses in the market.

Why Wear Sunglasses?

To protect your eyes when you run is a matter of safety, and it also helps to improve your performance. While running the sun in your eyes can make it difficult to see, where you are going which could slow you down or make it difficult for you to navigate obstacles and to be safe while crossing the road. Sun exposure is not good for the eyes so you should not have the sun shining in your eyes whether it is midsummer or there is snow on the ground. A pair of running prescription sunglasses not only protects your eyes but also gives a comfortable experience.

To protect your eyes from UV light which may seem obvious but only 5% of runners wear sunglasses, actually during official races. Even if it is beneficial as a source of well-being, the gear makes it difficult for runners to see the route and to give a look at their watch. During trail running, sunglasses are also useful for protecting the eyes from the elements, maybe a branch or some insects come in your path, which is not uncommon, so it is best to protect your eyes to avoid contact with them.

Shade Of The Lenses – There are many categories of lens tints for sunglasses. Glasses that belong to category 3 are dark and provide constant UV protection and also prevent glare. Category 1 glasses, which are transparent, are suitable for trail runners running in cloudy conditions protecting their eyes from the destructive elements of nature. Photochromic lenses change tint according to the brightness of the light. They are useful for long outings during which the weather conditions mostly change. The tint of the lens affects color perception, during running, the lenses are mostly grey or green.


A lightweight pair is a comfortable pair of sunglasses that is pleasant to wear, fits on the face while providing conditions for maximum visibility. There are many options for securing them in place: curved branches that fit snugly behind your ears or straight branches covered in rubber for a good grip. The ventilation required, to evacuate the vapor generated by your body heat, is another factor of comfort with the sunglasses. It is achieved by adding holes in the lenses which allows them to pass freely. Adjusting the frame at the nose bridge also improves ventilation by keeping the lenses further away from the face.

Aesthetic Appearance

Wearing sunglasses during running is a matter of style also. You can match them with your running outfit, for a mirror effect on the lenses, choose a mixed or nonmixed model. Whether you are a runner or trail runner or a jogger, select a pair of sunglasses that are tailored to your running discipline. Take care when you choose the size, don’t hesitate to lean your head forward when you try them, and now you can go out for a run in the sun.

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